About Cognitive.

We collaborate with startups and enterprises to design, develop, and deliver products that define the future.

We help top startups and companies build remarkable web, mobile and tablet products. The products we build help early stage startups raise millions and established companies crush their sales targets. We’re among a handful of companies who can turn simple sketches into fully featured products that work on any device. Focus is what creates value, so we utilize our proven process to take your first version product across the finish line. We work with diverse founders and product owners in industries that range from agriculture to travel, so you can be assured that our team has the expertise required to help you build the right product for your target users.

  • Prasanna Gopinath

    Prasanna Gopinath

    Founder / Chief Executive Officer
  • Ben Obear

    Ben Obear

    VP, Business Development
  • Ravindra Kanchikare

    Ravindra Kanchikare

    Co-Founder , Director of Design & Development
  • Sandeep Ravichadran

    Sandeep Ravichandran

    Co-Founder , Director of Engineering
  • Amit Bhagat

    Amit Bhagat

    Director, Marketing
  • Srikant Umarji

    Srikant Umarji

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Sri Nayak

    Sri Nayak

    Sales Director
  • sampreetha

    Sampreetha Pai

    HR Manager
  • Adit

    Adit Lal

    Android Architect
  • Sreejith


    iOS Architect
We succeed together

When you meet your goals, we meet our goals. This is our only success metric. Before we draw a single pixel or write a single line of code, we review your business goals to ensure we’ve crafted a plan to achieve them. Whether you’re racing towards a hard deadline, building the first product of its kind or leapfrogging a competitor, we work with you to understand what will make our partnership successful.

We love big ideas. We strive to work with founders and business leaders who have ambitions of creating new markets and defining new industries. When you aim to push the limits of technical and social possibilities, we get excited and deliver our best work. We’re open to sharing risks and rewards by entering into creative business relationships that incentivize success.