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Should you invest in mobile apps for your eCommerce business?

With mobile eCommerce transactions representing over 30% of all revenue for US eCommerce retailers, when, where and how customers purchase your products and services is changing. When you invest in mobile eCommerce apps, you increase revenue and customer loyalty because your customers can complete transactions while on the go. Rethink your user experience for mobile by presenting the right options to your customers at the right time. Does your eCommerce web application have complex forms new users must complete? Limit each step to three fields on mobile.

Don’t have the budget for native eCommerce apps? First, create a responsive eCommerce application, giving your customers the same features across all devices. Once you confirm customers love to buy from you on mobile, build native iOS and Android apps to deliver a superior user experience. There are thousands of SDKs you can integrate with your native mobile apps like card.io’s credit card scanner, which uses your customer’s smartphone camera combined with optical character recognition (OCR) to populate your customer’s credit card number, reducing the need for manual data entry. Apple Pay for iOS and Google Wallet for Android both speed up the checkout process and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Branch Metrics helps you measure attribution and send customers to the specific product page your ads link to within your mobile app. Through improved performance and enhanced features from third-party SDKs, you deliver a superior product experience when you build native m-commerce apps.

Developing an mCommerce app?