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Google announced the Google Developer Agency program at Google I/O in 2016 and we're proud to be among the first agencies ever certified for Google Cloud and Android development.

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The internet of things (IoT) changes the way your company and industry operates by eliminating some jobs and changing the way other jobs are performed. The IoT devices you’ve heard about are marketed as “smart devices” to consumers, but most fail to deliver real value by helping consumers save time or money. You won’t see Ads on TV for the IoT devices changing your industry. Instead, these devices are sold from one business to another, streamlining operations by reducing or eliminating jobs that require people who enter data or make decisions.

Whether you’re an eCommerce business fulfilling orders or a HVAC company monitoring large industrial installations, your business can use IoT devices to monitor key metrics and make automatic changes to workflow or industrial systems. From cargo containers to excavators to lawnmowers, every “dumb device” will become a connected IoT device in the years to come. What if field technicians proactively repaired your machines and equipment before mechanical failure because sensors warned them that maintenance was needed? What if you could locate every asset owned by your company in realtime? All this and more is possible when you implement a winning IoT strategy.