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Clutch, an independent research firm that ranks development companies based on their ability to deliver, ranked CognitiveClouds as a Top Web Developer.

This isn’t just about streamlining development. It’s about solutions that get you to market within days.

In today’s market, where businesses must race to meet consumer and employee demands or be disrupted by others who do so, low-code and no-code development will take care of the speed of delivery.

With low-code and no-code development, you’re getting access to build full-blown apps that are fast and budget-friendly with a combination of webflow, bubble, and workflow tools; built by developers who understand how to make a low-code app scalable and secure. With our expertise and years of experience, we can use low-code development to offer features that allow for experimenting, prototyping, testing, and deployment.

Fundamentally both no-code and low-code systems offer the same advantages.

With low-code development, our engineers have to write far fewer lines of code than with traditional application development. This allows them to shift their efforts away from rote programming tasks to more complex and unique work that will have a bigger impact and provide more value to your business. Our programmers have used low-code to deliver applications within days.

No-code is typically used to build tactical apps that handle simple functions. Low-code can be used here as well. Low-code is, however, used to build apps that run processes that are critical to your organization’s core systems, such as digital transformation initiatives and certain integrations. Forward-thinking businesses deploy apps that combine both no-code and low-code technologies for better control and flexibility over the development cycle.

Low-Code/ No-Code Use Cases

These platforms can be used to build:

New SaaS Applications.

We can leverage years of industry and customer knowledge to build you a SaaS app that not only enhances service offerings and core products but can be sold commercially (as a standalone software solution or an add-on). Building a new SaaS app can be intimidating. Low-code development makes it possible to efficiently and quickly build, test, then roll out your app. The collaborative nature of this kind of development ensures that you receive constant feedback directly from your end-users. Low-code, compared to traditional development, offers better speed-to-market, significant cost savings, and a perfect environment to experiment with new apps.

New core system application and deliver mission-critical apps in record time.

Your business can move quickly with a modern core system to meet your users’ and employees’ preferences, scale easily as the business grows, and adapt to new business conditions.

Monoliths to Microservices.

Low-code platforms can help you phase-out of the monolith faster. We can use low-code to expedite the development of transactional microservices applications.

Customer portals that enable self-service for easy customer interaction.

To deliver a self-service experience, a web-based portal is a great digital tool.

B2C Mobile App.

To greatly enhance customer satisfaction and also add new business revenue, invest in new digital self-service experiences like mobile apps.

Mobile-First Supplier Portal.

To common supply chain inefficiencies, a web-based supplier portal offers a good solution. Low-code development makes it easier to work on a mobile-first supplier portal for Android & iOS with a consumer-grade UI by centralizing the entire application lifecycle.

IoT-Enabled Smart App.

Using low-code, developers can integrate with IoT platforms seamlessly to build both web and mobile apps that turn the IoT data into context-conscious, actionable insights for end-user consumption. Further, we can smoothly integrate the IoT app with enterprise apps and third-party services like traffic or weather to trigger physical action like turn on the AC when the weather reaches a certain temperature or just provide more insight.

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Why CognitiveClouds?

Low-code solves the fundamental disconnect between the software delivered and what the business needs. But as with any tool, it has to be used well to get the best results.


  • Work on projects with an agile attitude: empowering lean teams to build and deploy swiftly and often.
  • Focus on business impact. Create alignment, achieve clarity, succeed quickly.
  • Assemble using present business capabilities. We make use of established assets so as not to build from scratch
  • Help connect all of it—APIs, integrations, new ways to access data.
  • Offer fixed price upfront. Build what you need on time – and stay on budget. Before you start, get a guaranteed price for your app. Let you control it – remove features, and you'll pay less, add more features, and pay more.
    website development: cost for 5 pages: $500
    Bubble development: complete MVP of 10 pages design plus backend
    workflows: $15k/40 days
  • Guarantee reliable code. Rigorous testing – means everything just works. We use ML and AI to test your code. It's rechecked by our developers, who don't have to waste time on typos and can concentrate on making your app more engaging.
  • Have a transparent process - Set delivery dates. Track, amend, and get software support anytime. There's no guesswork with your app. Pause your project or make changes whenever you like. You decide how fast you want it delivered. And from prototype to full build, you'll know when to expect each stage.
  • Offer uncompromised security. Low-code systems include important security features like admin tools, access control, and threat assessments. This allows the system's security to be configured and monitored easily. Additionally, industry best practices ensure that user data and applications are safe from breaches.

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