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Top Rails Developer

Clutch, an independent research firm that ranks development companies based on their ability to deliver, ranked CognitiveClouds as a Top Ruby on Rails Developer.

Should you develop your eCommerce application with Spree Commerce?

You’re in good company when you select Spree Commerce as your eCommerce platform because over 45,000 retailers run and grow their businesses with Spree’s fully-featured eCommerce storefront. Each feature Spree offers is customizable to fit your business needs and deliver any customer experience you designer dreams up. With Spree extensions, your developers add features built by third-party developers, which extend the platform with additional features and save your development team time. Since Spree is built with Ruby on Rails, you benefit from Gems written by the larger Ruby community as well.

Mobile first and responsive eCommerce applications are easier to build with Spree than with competing eCommerce platforms because Spree launched after smartphones became popular. Spree’s templating engine is designed to work well with Bootstrap and other responsive web design frameworks, allowing your customers to make purchases from any device. When you’re ready to develop native iOS and Android apps, your development team won’t have to spend time writing APIs for the mobile apps to consume because Spree has a complete API for almost every aspect of the system. By building your eCommerce application with Spree, you invest in a proven platform used by established companies like Bonobos, Nutrisystem and Casper.

Developing your app with Spree?