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Clutch, an independent research firm that ranks development companies based on their ability to deliver, ranked CognitiveClouds as a Top Web Developer.

What should you look for in a web application design company?

There’s a big difference between a marketing website design company and a web application design company. Simply put, a website design company with a portfolio full of flashy landing pages and no experience building end-to-end web products will fail to create a product experience that exceeds your expectations. Yes, you need a marketing website to sell your products and services, but you also need a team with experience building complex role-based web applications. Your marketing website is just the front door. Your web application is what your customers use every day and they must love your product before they feel comfortable referring it to others.

From your user on-boarding process to your core product experience, your web application design team should follow responsive web design best practices, which allow your product’s user interface (UI) to adapt to fit any screen size. Firms like Apple, Google and Microsoft spend tens of millions of dollars on design research to define UI guidelines that work across devices, so don’t ask your design team to come up with the next great design paradigm. Leverage research from these large companies to create product wireframes that solve problems your customers experience daily. Forget the fancy animations and focus on the features your customers want. Designing a successful web application is this simple.

Have a web app project?