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System Integration Services: How do we integrate your existing systems into the application we build for you?

Nisha Gopinath Menon
January 10, 2020

We don't approach system integration with the "one size fits all" mindset. We give you flexible, tailored options after sessions with our engineers and consultants. Whether it turns out you need a team for an ongoing partnership to complement your existing team or a specific project, our engagement architects can help you design, define, and put together the right team.

In today's infrastructure, application, and system integration is increasingly becoming a mission-critical issue. Over time, large enterprises have increased in complexity, often resulting in fragile and inflexible systems. Legacy applications complicate the situation further, making system interconnectivity across your firm difficult. In a world of API, mobile, and SaaS, to retain business agility, enterprise integration is either way critical. Enterprise integration enables better decision making by offering information at your fingertips whenever you need it and boosts productivity.

Why Application Integration?

When you need to transfer data from one application to another in a scheduled, ongoing way, or move data from a legacy system into something new, application integration will help make your life easier.

You can enter data once then connect it to multiple applications with application integration, instead of having to enter it multiple times depending on the number of applications you have. When you add new data into an integrated application, the data will automatically be distributed across the connected applications, reducing human error and ensuring consistency across your platforms.

You won't be worried about whether your apps were intended originally to communicate with one other or not when you have a comprehensive system that forms a bridge between various applications, giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose applications of your choice, not just apps that are from a particular vendor.

Business Systems

It becomes hard to leverage your data and streamline your business processes as an increasing number of your 3rd party business systems move to the cloud. Getting more value out of these systems often begins with customizing and configuring them to fit your business processes more closely and integrating them with your other systems. Complex integrations will require you to implement intermediary systems or build custom modules.

Today, many business systems already have in-built capabilities to integrate workflows and share data. Our engineers help you figure out the configuration needed when you want to connect these systems and then make the changes, test the integration, and deploy it to your users.

We can help you map out your critical data and business processes and then identify the right way to deploy the system if the current system is not supporting your business the way you'd like or you have not yet implemented it. This way, you can focus on managing the change and growing adoption of the system in your organization.

Either way, we can provide you with a team of trusted engineers and consultants to help you design, implement, and launch it. Our team has worked on integrating and configuring a whole variety of applications and tools across ERP, CRM, Sales/Marketing Automation, Financial Systems, Content Management Systems, and HR Management Systems.

Data Integration

If you're just looking to get the data from multiple systems together for analysis and presentation, be it synchronized to a shared database, consolidated into reports or pushed into another application, getting the data when you need it, where you need it, can be quite challenging when you have disparate systems.

Integrating the data is often the best approach when your primary concern is reporting across multiple systems.  You may have to extract or insert data directly as some applications just don't have good API's and cannot be easily extended to have one. This is not an ideal approach, but we can help you do it as safely as possible, maintaining the supportability of the application going forward and data integrity.

API Development

Your homegrown applications might not be able to integrate the way you want with the rest of your business systems, what with so many systems moving to the cloud. Integrating them directly at the data level isn't a viable option to contain your applications for security and maintainability. It becomes hard to bring your business systems together if you don't have a suitable API for your application.

Our team has expertise in extending and building API's to facilitate system integration. We'll build the API interfaces you require to allow for better maintainability and support of your systems and to keep your data protected, while still sharing your data efficiently between systems and streamlining your workflows.

To minimize data exposure through the API, we filter out the critical elements of the integration. And to ensure the integration won't break once in use, we also identify as many potential use cases as possible, and whenever it is not needed as part of the integration, we will keep your application data safely compartmentalized.

Here you want a team with experience that has thought through the potential risks and use cases to ensure a stable and reliable interface, one who understands your applications.

Find the flexibility you need with us. Schedule a conversation with our team to see how we can help you.

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