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Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends in 2019

Prasanna Gopinath

Ongoing and continuous education is absolutely crucial for every mobile app design company. It’s important to be entirely on top of the latest and hottest mobile design trends. Failing to do so will result in products which look outdated while leaving their UI design less functional. Eventually, this will start piling up, resulting in the loss of business.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one should spend countless hours watching web design webinars. It could simply suggest being knowledgeable of the latest trends and how to position them in your work.

We’ve taken the liberty to put up a few of the hottest and cutting edge mobile app design trends for 2019.

Trend #1 In-App Gestures And Their Full Integration  

Recent releases from Apple, Samsung, and Google managed to boost the rather clean and edgeless screen into the limelight. And with that, the essence of the buttonless smartphone screen changed the way UI/UX design could be conceptualized. This it forces users toward gestures.

With this said, mobile app designers can take advantage of this particular fact by adding simple animations, based on the gesture which needs to be performed in order to complete a task.

As you shift your overall perspective on UX, you can easily let your creativity shine above. This will allow you to design sleeker UIs which are more effective and modern.

Keep in mind that you will also have more screen space to play with because the home button will be gone.

Trend #2 Face ID  

Mobile app development has gone through quite a bit of shuffles in recent years. Face ID is a continuation of the previous trend as it allows users to ditch the home button.

Now, since the home button is essentially in history, many manufacturers have actually started to use facial recognition in order to unlock phones. Naturally, mobile app development companies have started to implement the same approach right into their applications.

This is yet another UI design element which mobile app designers need to be working on. If you haven’t started yet, now is the time. 2019 is undoubtedly going to be a year when Face ID will become more widely used.

Moreover, Face ID has already started to take over certain simple yet particularly annoying features such as logins. In other words, it may also enable people to quit using regular passwords.

Trend #3 Augmented Reality  

Pokemon Go, anybody? Right, so augmented reality in mobile design isn’t exactly a new trend. However, some mobile app designers are using augmented reality in order to generate user interfaces which are functional, helpful, and practical.

Now that Apple has released the ARKit 2, it’s likely that we are going to see a lot more augmented reality in mobile apps throughout 2019.

Trend #4 The Return of Depth  

The adoption of the material design was definitely amongst the most common mobile trends back in 2018. Throughout this time, it has managed to make its way into the broad majority of mobile apps. Now, however, we are seeing mobile app designs with even more depth to them.

That’s considered to be a rather welcomed change for those who enjoy more dimension than a simple piece of printed paper.

We’ve seen mobile app designers take advantage of different yet simple tricks such as animation, color gradients, and drop shadows. We can also clearly see the return of depth as a mobile design trend in 2019 and one that is gaining quite a bit of steam.

Trend #5 Increased Motion Usage: Video and Animations  

Attention spans are getting shorter but that doesn’t probably come as a surprise. Recently, the average attention span of a person has decreased from 12 seconds to about 8.

Mobile app designers who compete with millions of others to get the much-needed download, this doesn’t just mean that you ought to capture the user’s attention, but also to keep it for more than 8 seconds.

This brings us to the next mobile app design trend in 2019 - videos and animations or, in short, motion. Both videos and animations provide for unique content delivery which is eye-catching, interesting, and very, very appealing if done right.

It’s very important to keep things in check and not to overload the users. Videos need to be short and sweet and they should also be smaller in size so that they won’t slow down the app performance.

These are just some of the trends which are likely to shape up mobile app design throughout this year. Yet, if you’re looking for further in-depth expertise in the field of mobile app development and design, don’t hesitate to get in touch and get a free consultation.

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