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Top Node.js Development companies in India

Nisha Gopinath Menon
March 2, 2022

Founders keep choosing Node.js for its tech stack because of its simplicity and open-source nature. Thanks to Node.js, young companies can show their value faster and reach the market in record time.

The Node.js cross-platform is one of the best development environments for creating IoT applications, microservices, and real-time web applications. It is famous for its lightweight, cost-effective and reliable application development, and availability of over 350,000 plugins and packages, along with many other attractive features. Node.js is undoubtedly the most reliable option for application development because it provides an enhanced runtime performance to apps and ensures responsiveness. It is preferred for enterprise apps due to its ability to manage many connection requests efficiently.

But if only choosing a suitable developing environment would prove enough for a successful application! The second and crucial step is selecting an equally reliable and top-notch Node.js development company in India.

We have curated the top 10 choices for Node.js development for you based on popular feedback, number of Node.js projects delivered, and client reviews.

1. Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a Node.js development company specializing in various development projects such as Software Product Development, Outsourced Product Development, Offshore Development Centre, Enterprise Application Development, and Web Application Development.

The company is known for achieving the record of completing 140+ Node.js development projects for startups in the USA, Europe, and India in over 17 years of existence.

Talentica’s technological expertise and famous track record make it a preferred choice among businesses.  Their primary clientele includes top-brass organizations like Opera Mediaworks, Rupeek, and

In addition to quality services and commendable customer support, the company is regarded for its unique methodology, innovation, design, and adaptability.

2. Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory prides itself on being the best in business, with its fast, loaded, scalable, and real-time application development services using Node.js.

Its team of Node.js developers has solid expertise in the Node.js runtime environment, with a constant aim to deliver innovative, result-oriented applications for their clients.

Mind Inventory specializes in mobile app development, full-stack web development, cloud computing, and IoT application development, along with UI/UX design on the side. Their agile-based methodology imparted in their ingenious web app development solutions is renowned for empowering 1600+ businesses over 5+ years.

3. CognitiveClouds Software Solutions

Product innovators, CognitiveClouds Software Solutions, has been software veterans since 2012, bringing to life the abstract visions of businesses through mobile applications and transformative software products.

According to Clutch. co, an autonomous platform that provides ratings and reviews for IT companies based on their services, innovation, and delivery, Cognitive Clouds is a top Node.js development firm.

The company is famous for its cloud computing solutions using Node.js and reliable collaboration tools for projects. It develops real-time applications to stream live audio, texts, video data, and face-to-face interactions with team members.

Not to forget that it's acclaimed for its Node-based IoT ecosystem, Single Page Applications (SPAs), agile development methodology, and optimized coding. Its association with companies like Sony, Volkswagen, Walmart, has proven Cognitive Clouds to be the best in the Node.js development business.

4. IndaPoint Technologies

Another one in the list of the best Node.js developers in the country, IndaPoint, provides impressive software web development services at competitive prices.

The company offers full-stack Node.js development, cloud computing services, API and backend development, Mobile App consultation, and a plethora of development frameworks to start-ups and established businesses.

IndaPoint’s highly skilled and trained experts provide after-sale support, visionary solutions, consultation, and guidance to its clients with utmost enthusiasm and professionalism, in India and USA.

5. Systango

Systango is known for its futuristic tech solutions and development methodologies and is among the top companies in India to provide the best in-house expertise. It offers innovative applications and software based on IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, web solutions, UI/UX design, full-stack development, and consultation to help budding businesses boost their growth and reach worldwide.

Their “crazy game-changing ideas” and cutting-edge technologies, strategies, and efficient, practical approach to problem-solving make Systango an excellent choice for clients. Headquartered in London since 2007, Systango is now London's leading app development company with an active presence in Australia, India, the USA, and the UK.

6. PixelCrayons

One of the most reliable companies specializing in Node.js development is PixelCrayons. The company offers tailor-made, advanced web app development solutions to businesses, combined with a secure, scalable, and interactive user experience at attractive prices.

PixelCrayons is known for its skilled team, with over five years of industry experience, assuring timely deliveries, confidentiality, top-notch results, and expert level management. They promise to provide nothing but the best custom Node.js development, UI/UX design, API development, insightful consultation services, dependable maintenance, customer support to companies like Adobe, Warner Brothers, and HP.

7. Robosoft Technologies

Maintaining its position as the top Node.js development company in India for a long time is Robosoft Technologies. It is often considered an exciting option due to its tech expertise and digitally transformative solutions.

The company offers unique design strategy and marketing solutions, application development, maintenance, and the latest technologies such as AR, Blockchain, chatbots, etc.

Robosoft Technologies has provided exceptional services to many established companies across the globe since its inception in 1996. It climbed on the success ladder with Apple as its first client, and since then, its been only upwards and forward for Robosoft. Besides Apple, the company has delivered innovative solutions to Disney, McDonald’s India, NDTV, and many more.

8. OpenXcell

OpenXcell ranks among the best Node.js development companies in India and the USA. It is also India's leading offshore service provider, known for its tech frameworks and innovative solutions to help promote growth and productivity for businesses.

OpenXcell has held a reputation for delivering quality services such as online business app development, custom Node.js programming, Node web development, content management systems for data management, API development, and much more.

Its accredited team of skilled professionals has won the enterprise several popular clients such as BYJU’S, Kotak Mahindra, and Reliance.

9. Soft Suave

Soft Suave is yet another leading Node.js application provider in India, offering one of the best Node.js development services to businesses at affordable prices. The company has taken great strides to provide various industries with exemplary application development services, networks, and real-time applications.

In the last decade, Soft Suave has won many awards for its tech expertise and futuristic custom service in mobile application and web development.

The skilled developers at Soft Suave are committed to providing the best of products and services to their clients. Their full-stack developers serve 100% work satisfaction to a global clientele.

10. EtatvaSoft

EtatvaSoft has been an experienced outfit in the service of diverse businesses for over two decades. Its agile-driven approach, followed by progressive work ethics and state-of-the-art Node.js-powered applications, are acquired by sports, real estate, oil and gas, education, and many other industries.

It offers cutting-edge solutions for application development, web development, eCommerce web applications, and Laravel, WordPress framework development, among many others.

EtatvaSoft has provided contemporary solutions to many globally leading companies across various brands, such as Adirondack Chair, Sneakmart, and Capture the Crawl.


The quality of web and application development of your business is essential for attracting traffic and building a brand reputation. Node.js is a popular application development ecosystem, providing flexible scaling, cross-platform programming, and cost-effectiveness.

Remember to choose the right Node.js development fit for your business by considering the expertise, the services offered, delivery time, customer support, and consultation, along with many secondary factors.

CognitiveClouds is a software consulting and development company that designs web and mobile applications using Node.js. Reach us here to help us get to know your project requirements better.

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