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Why you need custom software for your remote workers

Nisha Gopinath Menon
September 3, 2009

As companies scramble to figure out efficient ways to enable their business to run with remote teams in these times, many are waking up to the key benefits custom software can provide. In the past couple of months, a number of firms we've worked with had made use of superior project management tools that helped manage their remote teams. Tools like Asana, Zoom, and Trello did help the teams keep pace, until they didn't. That's where we came in.

If your team is starting to discover that an out of the box solution isn't quite meeting your needs, a custom solution is probably the answer. Let's take a closer look at this.

Build tools that enable your employees to work more efficiently

There are many repetitive tasks that companies need to do, like time tracking, payroll, and other processes that there's a good off-the-shelf fit for. But your business might also operate off of other unique and proprietary processes that you need a custom software solution for. Over the past few months, if you've found your team spending considerable time handling rote, repetitive tasks that the available tools in the market aren't helping with, it's time you considered custom solutions.

Remote work is here to stay, and people will work from home long after COVID is over

You're not the only company facing issues while trying to make present software align with your business processes. Off-the-shelf products can be challenging to integrate. They do help alleviate the problem, but they don't typically resolve it. The faster you identify that it's time for your company to invest in custom software design and development, the more time and money you save in the long run. With the money companies are saving on commercial real estate and the many possibilities a virtual office space has to offer, remote work will be here to stay. Remote work is a thing of the present and future while the technologies your company is using is most likely a decade old, which translates to outdated in the software space. As remote work forces your company to rethink your operations, choose to discover more efficient tools that can help with this shift.

The custom software you develop for your company gives your company an edge over competitors

When you use the same SaaS software as your competitors, you don't have anything that differentiates your company. Custom software is an opportunity for your firm to be innovative and edge out your competition. You can use today's tech in many ways to gain a competitive edge by increasing efficiency overall or building better overall customer experience. CognitiveClouds, amongst other competent firms featured in the Top Web Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush. Do give it a look might help you find your next partner on your digital journey.

You can't get enhanced security with boxed software

When relying on off the shelf solutions, the main issue is that you are essentially relying on someone else's idea of security. Assuming other developers, who've built a product for a wide range of clients with a few customization options, know the needs of your industry is a bad idea. Stop relying on defaults at your business anymore. Talk to your team. They'll know best just how vulnerable your system is. They can help us shape a custom solution for you. You're basically investing in better security when you invest in custom software development. And as you control the building of the software, you dictate how secure it must be, and are assured that it is a priority.

You own the product. You can make it work for you, unlike any off the shelf solution will.

This is perhaps the best reason to invest in custom software design and development. One big advantage of building your own software product is that you won't have to deal with any unnecessary fluff. Extra features that exist unused in the background are just another breeding ground for bugs. Build something lean that merely hums in that background rather than using a clunky system that can struggle to leave resources available.

Also, often, using existing software means you're adapting your business processes, but with custom software products, they align with your unique business goals and processes. You have full control over the future and the use of the product being developed. It can align perfectly with your vision and business needs and is built not just to support the business you cater to today, but built for the vision you have. The advantages of not being tied to a commercial software vendor are many. You can avoid price hikes for licensing and support, and getting stuck having to maintain packaged software if the vendor goes out of business or terminates a product.

Give your customers a Personalized Customer Experience

Custom software solutions are built to align with your business branding. Since your company's goals are in mind, and specific requirements are outlined, the custom software product becomes tailored to fit the needs of your specific end users. It is crucial to provide your users with personalized experiences as CX (Customer Experience) gains traction. You can address the unique processes and needs of your business with custom software. You can also make use of customized customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Audit all your business process and look for areas where custom software can provide a better experience for your employees or customers

We can help you come up with answers to some of the questions your team might be grappling with in the process like:

  • Is your technology outdated or hard to use?
  • Do you need to connect or bridge different branches together with an application?
  • Does the business have a unique critical need?
  • Can you make changes or speed up any processes through new applications?
  • Does your business need a new competitive edge?
  • With the help of technology alone, can the business streamline processes?
  • Can an application help better facilitate the consumer's purchasing process?

Custom-made software is exactly what it sounds like, software products that are fully adapted to a company's goals and needs. Our team was excited to be featured in  Top App Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush. If you see the merit in any of this, our team would be happy to lend you their time and explore more solutions that make sense for your business. So feel free to contact us with your concerns.

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