Android Engineer

At Cognitive, our engineers are craftspeople. We don’t just build products that work, we care about how they look and feel and we are always on the front lines of mobile product development and innovation. The Cognitive engineers are self-motivated team players who will work hard to get things right while keeping everything simple. That’s why popular brands like Yatra, Sproutsocial, and Walmart Labs trust us to build their apps.

Many of the companies we work with realize the importance of a strong Android presence, so we are excited about our rapidly growing Android team. We are already implementing the latest Material Design guidelines in all of our current apps. We also use cutting edge open source libraries like RxJava, Retrofit, and Dagger to turbo-charge our development. Every line of code undergoes team review and every pixel is inspected by designers to ensure we are writing maintainable, top apps that get featured in Google Play.

Working at Cognitive you will find yourself learning and growing with us. Your day usually starts with a short stand-up to refresh your thoughts and set your goals for the day. Then you will spend the rest of the day tackling challenges and having fun with engineers, designers, and product managers. This means participating in meetings to help make product decisions, architecting solutions to engineering problems, having lunch with your friends and having fun with what you do the best.

To become a Cognitive Android Engineer, you need to:

  • Be experienced with Java and Android development (application lifecycle, networking, data management, understanding of Android layouts/hierarchies, etc.)
  • Be good at version control (branching, pull requests, etc)
  • Be familiar with Agile methodologies (lean, scrum, etc)
  • Be passionate about mobile and building quality products
  • Embrace challenge on a daily basis
  • Enjoy communicating your ideas to identify and solve problems
  • Be fun and positive to work with
  • Be a self-motivated learner and team player
  • Be excited to take your skills to the next level

Cognitive is proud to be one of the leading software companies in the industry today, and we’re constantly looking for talented people to grow with us. If you can see yourself thriving at Cognitive, you’d better reach out. Or we will find you.

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