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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing: Are these ingredients necessary for you to remain relevant in the future?

Driverless or autonomous vehicles are a hot topic on the AI scene right now. Big names like Google, Volvo, Tesla, Uber are all in the race to commercialize the first autonomous vehicle and prove that they are safer than human-driven vehicles. Some argued AI would never be able to think like we humans do and that vehicles aren't artificially intelligent at all, but merely complex algorithms and hence the vehicles would always require extensive programming to adapt. Others were convinced that the AI learns as we humans do, from experience. AI can learn and adapt from one situation to the next, thereby teaching itself over time, how to better handle a situation.

AI is no more just a theory. Today, machines are capable of and imitating intelligent human behavior. Current AI systems are built to evolve. Version after version, one model at a time, AI continues to advance. It's an iterative process, based on improvement, learning from past errors. Learn, rebuild, learn again, grow and so the cycle continues, just like a child who takes his first step, falls, relearns and rises again. Bots, Chatbots AI, and through these, the Internet of Things (IoT), have begun to ingrain themselves in our everyday lives. They are listening to and overseeing our every move, with Amazon Alexa, the home automation PA or in our smartphones, with the Google Assistant or Siri, soon with driverless vehicles and more.

To provide this AI-like customer service, in the center is the NLP and Deep learning systems equipped with storage, allowing the bot to access a store of all the information necessary for it to document, learn and grow. For a machine to learn, engineers must program reasoning into its architecture through a wide array of algorithms designed to automate the learning process, iteratively. This field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed is known as Machine Learning. Now for this machine to interpret the natural human tongue and make conversation by putting the ‘human’ back into the conversation, we need Natural Language Processing. The NLP bridges the gap between computer programmed understanding and the human talk, regardless of the language spoken and often, grammatical errors, too. In a nutshell, the NLP feature allows the computer to effectively ‘talk back’ like humans do. Here too, the machine learns to adapt to different slangs as a human-like computer. NLPs are developing at an extraordinary rate to handle the behavioral bit of the experience.

Used unwisely, AI will turn into a product to show off how technically advanced you are without really doing much to build your customer base. But, the smartest companies right now are using AI to enhance and personalize client interactions. Our engineers have worked in this field long enough to distinguish the impractical from the practical. In a field like this, that ability to differentiate will make sure you’re not working with engineers dazzled by technology but rather engineers that are excited about the results that technology provides us. We’ll help you introduce intelligent algorithms that can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication into your websites, apps, and bots. There’s little doubt that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing many industries today, from real estate and healthcare to business development and the financial sector. Many companies have already embraced AI, and more are following the lead. It’s your turn now.

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