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Assessing your options for custom SaaS development?

Looking to expand your business and operational reach? A custom SaaS application from CognitiveClouds SaaS development company will put you front and center in today’s distribution model so you can quickly scale your sales growth.

Don’t Get Shut Out of the Market

75% of the total cloud workloads have taken the form of SaaS, according to the Cisco Annual Internet Report. Established enterprise behemoths and startups alike are building cloud-based SaaS products for every business role and industry vertical. Whether you’re building a new SaaS application from the ground up or migrating your on-premise architecture to a SaaS architecture, you’ll save on cloud infrastructure and maintenance costs with your custom SaaS application. You’ll also see productivity improvements from your SaaS development team who will be able to roll out new features to all of your customers faster.

Shifting to SaaS Application Development Creates New Opportunities

The shift in software distribution has changed the way both businesses and consumers view software. Consumers today look for flexibility, convenience, security, and usability – and the advantages of SaaS in all these areas are unmistakable.

Plus, for the SaaS business owner, scalability and predictable revenue spurs the growth of your business. You’ll enjoy a boost in sales while offering a highly-optimized product that your customers will love.

Get Ready to Transform Your Software Business with our SaaS Application Development Company

A world-class SaaS product will transform your business. Are you ready to build it? An investment in CognitiveClouds’ SaaS application development services is an investment in the future. As well, updating your existing product to a SaaS offering and monetizing it through a subscription model allows you to open your product up to SMBs that couldn’t previously afford a specialized software solution.

Large projects or small, at CognitiveClouds SaaS development company we have a proven track record of helping startups attract funding and enterprises turbocharge their sales.

Why SaaS Application Development is Critical in Today’s Business Environment

In the past few years, we’ve seen how nearly all software market segments are being driven by the shift towards SaaS implementation, and our SaaS application development company has helped a considerable number of companies make the transition.

Today, businesses of all sizes are primarily subscribing to SaaS products at record rates due to:

Improved Security

IT departments understand that SaaS products typically incorporate industry-leading encryption and can be as secure or even more secure than software hosted on-premise


SaaS software is deployed in the cloud, meaning additional hardware or IT architecture upgrades aren’t always needed. Plus, you’ll save the costs associated with resources needed to deploy, patch, and maintain applications


The flexibility offered by SaaS gives you a level of scalability that locally-hosted apps simply can’t match. New versions with expanded functionality can be deployed easily, without the need to spend time upgrading to the latest version


Because the apps are run on a cloud platform, they’ll integrate easily with your existing technology or platforms like Mulesoft and SnapLogic

Deploying your customized SaaS application not only lowers distribution costs, but reduces acquisition, maintenance, and hardware costs for your customers as well – in addition to the peace of mind that comes with enhanced security.

How Our SaaS Application Development Company Works

Each SaaS application development project begins with a concept. However, fundamental questions have to be answered first. Who does it serve? What problem does it solve? To help refine your idea, our SaaS application development company will work with you to conduct a discovery session that results in a detailed list of specifications.

After the discovery phase, we’ll get to work designing the end-to-end product. For our SaaS application development, CognitiveClouds uses what's called "design-driven development" to create the entire end-to-end product. Using Figma, a leading cloud-based design tool, our SaaS development company will create every core screen, ancillary screen, and modal. The design completion point will see about 95-98% of user interactions designed, and the final design will serve as a visual spec or a blueprint, which our SaaS development team uses to complete the architecture and estimate the development timeline. Finally, our Saas development company will create a clickable prototype in Figma, which allows for user testing and all stakeholders to be aligned on the user flows within the app.

What our SaaS Application Development Plans Include:

The software package:

This is the actual product that will be deployed to your customers, built from the ground up to handle your exact specifications. The final product will be thoroughly tested, optimized, and monitored for any operational issues before delivering the source code via GitHub.

Sales Platform and Front-end Informational Site:

While often overlooked, the front-end website used to market and sell the software is a crucial part of any SaaS project. To make sure the marketing site has the right impact, our team will ensure that it contains the right targeted content designed to capture leads and convert them into sales.

Subscription Suite and Account Management:

Ultimately, you’ll need an account management system to sign up the new users and process payment securely. Our SaaS development company will provide the necessary multitenancy user management tools to ensure your SaaS product is a success, with a role-based system allowing users to edit and update account information, track sales, handle customer service, and more.

Leading SaaS Development Company

With a proven track record of helping startups and large companies alike build customized web, mobile, and tablet products, our SaaS development company will take your idea through to completion quickly and affordably.

Benefits of Our SaaS Development Company

  • Complete end-to-end design and SaaS development services
  • Our SaaS applications offer outstanding user experiences and design aesthetics
  • We use a wide array of technologies including iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Goland, Scala, Node.js, and AngularJS to create modern, responsive products
  • Our SaaS application development company follows design-driven development principles to accelerate delivery and provide a robust application solution

Get Your Software Product to Market Quickly and Affordably With CognitiveClouds' SaaS Development Company

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small startup, getting your own custom SaaS product into the marketplace has never been easier. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can turn your idea into a profitable reality.

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