Design driven development process

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Design driven development

Our design driven development process helps us iterate and quickly solve your most complex problems.
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Our team completes design research to get an in depth understanding of your product requirements. We interview you to understand your business goals, target user personas and user needs. Technical research allows our engineers to review complex features to ensure they work as you envision.


Once we define your product, our designers create user interface wireframes to show you how your product will work. Our design driven process is iterative and we continuously gather feedback from you and your target users to validate user flows, use cases and features. We design your product’s technical architecture to ensure it meets your scalability, reliability and extensibility requirements.


We develop quick prototypes to validate ideas and interactions created in the wireframing process, which helps us improve your product’s user experience. We test core features with target users to understand how people interact with your product. Each wireframe screen is polished with visual design to give you app a consistent look and feel across web, mobile and tablet form factors.


Our engineers build out your entire product from end-to-end and you receive development builds every two weeks, allowing you to give feedback as we add functionality and polish interactions. Because our designers communicate with our developers from your project’s start through your production release, the feature complete product we deliver is pixel perfect.


Your early adopters provide critical feedback we use to push your product to the next level. When your product goes live, we use bug tracking and analytics tools to understand what’s working and what needs to be improved. As we identify problems, we quickly update your product to earn the trust of your earliest users.

Design Research

Our product design team interviews you, reviews your written requirements and researches competing products with similar features. Meet our creative team virtually via conference calls or face-to-face to transfer your industry expertise and product vision.

Technical Research

Our engineering team researches open source technologies, libraries and frameworks they plan to incorporate into your product. We test third-party APIs for robustness and build quick prototypes of your app’s core features to ensure your product launches on time.

User Interface Wireframes

Our user interface designers quickly produce wireframes for each application screen including web, mobile and tablet form factors to ensure our development team has a clear understanding of how your product works from end-to-end. With tools like Invision, our designers create clickable prototypes, which show how your customers navigate within and between each screen of your product.

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Technical Architecture

Our technical architects customize our standard architecture to meet your scalability and performance requirements. A single REST API layer talks to all your apps (clients), which enables us build responsive web applications and native mobile apps with no changes to your backend and APIs.

Visual Design

During visual design, our designers select your product’s typography and finalize its look-and-feel. Our visual designers create up to three visual design directions for a number of your product’s core screens and they apply the direction you select to all of your application’s screens.

Agile Development

Our engineers contribute to daily scrum meetings, work on two-week sprints and manage your code with GitHub. We sprint towards your MVP release, so you have a prototype to share with your stakeholders. Features are added to each subsequent release until your product is production ready.

Quality Assurance

Throughout design driven development process, our quality assurance engineers conduct functional, unit, performance and security tests. The test cases we write cover 90% of your product’s functionality and our QA engineers utilize test automation tools like Selenium to automate regression tests.

Launch and Learn

We ship your production grade product and utilize analytical tools to monitor your customers’ behavior and your application’s performance. Using data from your product’s analytics, we help you prioritize feature additions and architectural improvements for your next product release.

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