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Clutch, an independent research firm that ranks development companies based on their ability to deliver, ranked CognitiveClouds as a Top App Developer.

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Should you build app for iOS first?

When you build for iOS first, you access an affluent demographic that spends more on apps and in-app purchases when compared to Android users. While iOS isn’t as open as Android, there are thousands of mobile first success stories like Instagram, SnapChat and Uber that launched on iOS and then developed Android apps later. Unless you have a good reason to launch on both iOS and Android to start, you should generally launch with an iOS app, gather feedback from your customers and then design and develop your Android app. This sort of phased rollout will help you save on development costs because you won’t have to make the same changes in multiple apps that are written in different programming languages after users give you feedback.

Swift is the future of iOS app development and you should look for a firm that has mastered this new programming language. It takes much less time to develop an app with Swift when compared to building the same app with Objective-C. It’s proven that Android apps take longer to develop than iOS apps, so a firm that’s proficient with Swift will get your first version iOS app to market faster.

CognitiveClouds is a top iOS app development company. Our engineers and developers have been part of some incredible projects in the last decade and have developed native applications for iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, iPad, and Apple Watch and designed some beautiful iOS app experiences.

iOS App Development Services

Our team provides user-centric iOS app development services, including coding and designing applications, guaranteeing a seamless experience for iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices, iOS widgets, and app backend with the latest platform features. We specialize in coding on iOS SDK. Be it Objective-C, Swift, CoreData, UIKit, ARKit2, dynamic backend, or custom API. We know how to use the right tools for the development of your iOS app and build it for growth.

We are an iOS app agency with enough experience to be able to prioritize your users and your data security. Our team has developed security layers and app architecture for various industries and apps that require high security. There's no room in today's market for an app with buggy experience, lags, or even a hint of data leak fear, and our team enjoys a good challenge to ensure these are not things that'll ever prove a roadblock to your business.

You can't approach building a business or developing an app with the hope of "striking it rich." Factoring in a quotient of luck means that you're leaving some room for error and hoping good fortune takes care of that bit. With the tools, technologies, and expertise available today, there's no need to rely on luck. Most apps don't find enough user's to sustain. About 35 percent of users delete apps because they don't end up using them.

Custom iOS app development can resolve these and other issues users face while using apps on Apple devices. Custom development involves a tailored approach to every project. Everything is built from the ground up to ensure it works the way you envision it to. CognitiveClouds custom iOS app development services rely on frequent workshops to keep up with new tools and technologies and deep analysis to ensure we're bringing you the best solutions, allowing us to build a product your users will enjoy using. The right app would house the features they need with a non-clunky, eye-pleasing, and comfortable UX.

Challenges We Solve

Our team keeps pace with the latest guidelines and requirements mandated for professional iOS app development services. Our developers have also worked on enough iOS app development projects to be able to address all the major challenges that come with it, including:

  • Battery consumption
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Memory and performance limitations
  • Network speed, etc.

We can ensure that every development challenge is solved properly with our comprehensive Quality Management System and deliver mobile solutions that operate smoothly on iPads and iPhones, regardless of the iOS version installed or device specifications.

The Design First Approach

The design of your application will prove to be the most crucial component in determining whether your application will succeed or not, second only to the problem you're solving for your user. There's a reason why the most successful and most popular apps are well-designed. CognitiveClouds is always on the same page with Apple when it comes to visual design, so it becomes easy for us to meet expectations. Our iOS app designers build every app's interface aesthetically in compliance with Apple's UI standards.

  • Legible typography
  • Subtle animation
  • Non-intrusive branding
  • Balanced layout
  • Lighting adjusted colors

To guarantee a seamless user experience, we use transparent interaction patterns in our iOS apps. The users can feel in complete control of your app once our designers tune up navigation, authentication, feedback, along with other UX functionalities until interacting with the app feels like an everyday routine from the get-go.

Enterprise Integration

Including ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRM, our team enables the integration of iOS apps with any in-house system you have. We stay up to date and use the latest mobile device management technologies to ensure:

  • Enterprise security
  • Efficient app distribution
  • Widely available connectivity

Data Security

It's as much a priority for us as it is for you to safely process your app payments via ApplePay or keep your healthcare applications HIPAA-compliant. With close to a decade of experience in the space, we can guarantee the security of your and your users' app data and all associated transactions.

Our iOS Application Development Process

Our process will tick every box you have in mind for your project, from as early as brainstorming your vision to post-release support — be it for iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple device. The past few incredible projects have helped our team really hone our craft and showcase our expertise. We have developed a flexible workflow to ensure the highest efficiency in meeting deadlines. We approach each project with a fresh lens, and the process of developing the product is personalized to each project. Our iOS app development process typically involves:

  • Understanding then analyzing your business goals with the project
  • Finalizing scope and development tools
  • App data flow architecture design and wireframing
  • User experience design and iPhone, iPad, app visuals
  • Code engineering and Project Management
  • Integrating 3rd party APIs for web and iOS
  • Manual, automated, and user acceptance testing
  • Integrating top analytics and app monitoring tools
  • Submitting the iOS app to the Apple store
  • User data analysis for future versions
  • Product support and maintenance

What sets apart the Cognitive Clouds' iOS development team

  • We design for your target users. We design with a top priority, your conversions.
  • 100% Native Code. Our engineers write code from scratch.
  • Performance and Scalability. By using multi-thread coding techniques, cache, to lesser CPU and battery consumption, and optimize performance, our team delivers on the promise of performance.
  • Test-driven Development. To ensure the product remains bug-free when we add on new functionalities, we use an agile approach for developing your iPhone apps and a test-driven methodology.
  • Optimized App Size. Heavy-sized is a major reason for app uninstalls. We build apps that take up minimal space on the user's device.
  • Experience in building video streaming applications for iPhones and iPads.


Swift, Objective C, C#, HTML5, Java, React Native, Flutter


Swiftic, Ionic


Xcode, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, ARKit, Apple UIKit Framework, ShareKit, Mockingbird, Universal Analytics, Urban Airship, Twilio, Testflight, HockeyApp, Wikitude, Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core ML, Titanium, React Native, Unity 3D, Phonegap, Sencha, Apache Cordova, OpenGL ES, Cocos2d, Cocoa Controls, Native SDK


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InVision, Figma


Node.JS, Python, Django, Grails, Go, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, ElasticSearch

Analytics & Payments

Google Analytics, Flurry, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Stripe, Braintree

Our iOS app developers have 10+ years of experience with all the languages, tools, and frameworks needed to build a reliable and durable app powered by the latest tech.

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