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Do you need an omnichannel eCommerce strategy?

Today, every company is an eCommerce company. Consumers regularly buy large ticket items like cars and boats online, so you can sell any product or service online via web and mobile eCommerce apps. Whether you sell products direct to consumer or create a convenient way for people to book your services, your omnichannel eCommerce strategy increases cash flow, creates new revenue streams and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Established competitors and startups invest in custom eCommerce applications to provide innovative services and reduce the overhead required by physical retail stores. Large retailers are betting their businesses on the success of their eCommerce strategy and retailers born online are opening up popup shops and permanent brick and mortar locations because consumers take numerous paths to make a purchasing decision. Research often starts on mobile, but the final purchase is made on a laptop or desktop computer. There are also people who visit retail locations to look at an item in-person and then purchase the same item online where they find a better deal. To get a sale, you need to support all the possible touch points in your customer’s journey.

Omnichannel eCommerce App Development Services page

It's time to capture your growing pool of consumers who shop online. The right eCommerce application should create a seamless customer experience that meets every expectation your target user would have come to expect from an online shopping experience.

What features should your eCommerce application have?

Advanced Search Options

You want users to be able to locate products easily, especially if you have an extensive catalog. To enhance the in-app search capabilities like image, voice, and barcode search, you can also use device features.

Offline Functionality

Offline availability for your eCommerce app is an effective way to boost increase sales and customer experience by catering to users who may not always have access to the internet.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, let your customers know when products are back in stock, alert them about new products, personalize marketing campaigns, and host flash sales, amongst many other things.

Personalized User Experience

When it comes to personalizing the eCommerce app experience for your user, you want to take advantage of things like account settings, user data, and their device features to craft personalized product recommendations and marketing campaigns. This will help lead to more conversions. Personalizing means you take into account every customer's potential ideal shopping experience and meet them there. They could:

  • Buy online and ship to home.
  • Buy online and pick up in-store.
  • Buy in-store and ship to home.
  • Research online and buy in-store.
  • Buy in-store from a store staff with a mobile POS.
  • Buy online and return via mail.
  • Buy online and return in-store.

Payment Options

Online payments are key – Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc., all make for convenient and secure payment options for users. Depending on your customer base, provide a wide range of options and support multiple currencies and international payments.

Customer Service

Whether it is a pre-purchase query, a complaint, or an order update, a seamless customer service system is crucial. In-app chat for customer service support is an easy and quick way to help customers out.

What security risks concerning eCommerce websites should you be aware of?

An experienced and qualified team will consider the unique aspects of your app before developing a solid strategy to keep the transactions on your app secure. Implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in compliance with consumer protection, Payment Data Card Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) is an integral part of our eCommerce development process.

Is there a limit to the number of products you can feature?

There should be no limit to the number of services/items/products you can feature on your eCommerce app. We develop scalable eCommerce apps that let you add unlimited products and help you cater to a wide customer base.

Have you looked into an omnichannel solution?

Omnichannel Commerce will help convert more customers on any device. More channels. More customers. More sales.

Omnichannel commerce helps provide your customers with a seamless purchasing experience. If you're a global business, omnichannel commerce is that much crucial to the success of your operations. To get the best engagement and drive customer loyalty, you have to serve your users at different channels and geographies. The difference between a multichannel customer experience and an omnichannel one is that the omnichannel experience includes real integration of various channels on the back end.

Omnichannel Commerce solutions play an important role in the below departments:

Order management: While self-service functions will help lower customer service costs, single real-time view of inventory will help you avoid running out of stock.

Merchandising: By syndicating relevant content after anticipating your customer's needs, omnichannel solutions will make selling faster and easier.

Personalization: You get a real insight into your customer's digital footprint, including offline and online customer data with omnichannel commerce. With this real-time insight, you can drive in your brand differentiation across shopping channels and marketing touchpoints.

Marketing: A lot of omnichannel tools such as search, personalization, targeting, and promotions will supplement your marketing team's efforts in promoting your brand. You can personalize communication and customize limited-time price offers to drive revenues.

Operations: Without having to rely on database administrators or IT intervention, omnichannel solutions lets you take total control and ensure optimal performance.

Intelligence: Retail intelligence will prove a powerful tool in your kit. You can anticipate shopping trends, and benchmarking will give you a clear view of growth opportunities.

Customer Experience: Omnichannel solutions are a great way to build engaging and rich consumer experiences across channels.

To really reap all the benefits of omnichannel applications, you will need a team with good experience to coordinate between operations and channels, overcoming the silos. The right solution provider will be able to deliver on the omnichannel promise of "Anywhere, Anytime." The right technology will simplify the hard task of letting your users effortlessly move within channels while maintaining a seamless exchange of information and communication with your team.

The key features of omnichannel applications:

  • Built on agile, open, and robust architecture and technology
  • With embedded internationalization options, multi-region, multi-currency and multi-site support
  • Highly scalable to meet even unexpected high demand
  • Fast implementation and time to market
  • Easy to integrate with your current systems
  • Configured for B2B and B2C and specific industries and regions

The advantages of omnichannel applications:

  • Process orders through various channels
  • Facilitate cross-channel seamless user experience
  • Interactive customer touchpoints
  • Integrates all the data, processes, and systems that participate in cross-channel business processes
  • Build on a strong foundation for future growth and innovation

Keeping pace with ballooning order demand and offering the trending front-end features, such as support for photo, audio, and video sharing can prove challenging for your business if you don't have a team that prioritizes cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. But with the right team and strategy in place, even amidst market disruption and the ever-evolving marketplace, you can get ahead of these roadblocks to drive big growth. At CognitiveClouds, our team builds state-of-art eCommerce and omnichannel applications built on robust and agile platforms. Get in touch with our team to understand our value offering better.

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We partner with ambitious forward-looking companies to design and develop omnichannel eCommerce experiences people love.

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