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Should you develop your product’s backend with Node?

Built on Google’s V8 engine, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that supports tens of thousands of concurrent connections on a single thread by using a non-blocking event-driven I/O. With Node, your developers use Javascript for front-end and backend development, which eliminates development bottlenecks because any developer on your team can complete any task in a sprint. When Node is used with a NoSQL database like MongoDB, data stored in JSON format can simply be exposed as a REST API for your web and mobile clients to consume.

Node.js shines when you build real-time applications with chat features like Whatsapp or collaboration features like Google Docs. Single page applications, AJAX-intensive web apps and streaming applications all gain speed and performance improvements when Node is used for the backend. Node isn’t a good choice for CPU intensive operations like data sorting and video processing, so you should look at other technologies better suited for CPU intensive features. Consider using Node and another language or framework for CPU intensive jobs when your product has a mix of CPU intensive and real-time features.

Build scalable solutions with NodeJS that support an unlimited number of connections effortlessly, putting your product on the market faster.

NodeJS offers a stable and dynamic full-stack development combination as it uses JavaScript for both the frontend and backend. NodeJS should be your top choice for cloud integration and smart device connectivity.

Why Should You Pick NodeJS for Web Development

This robust technology offers an extensive set of tools for the development of IoT apps, real-time apps, apps with serverless architecture and microservices, and more.

It’s Fast and Light

NodeJS uses the V8 (Google) JavaScript engine, built on C++, making your app significantly faster and lightweight. Your users expect loading speeds to be within a few seconds in today’s ecosystem. NodeJS continues to evolve and has always been known to speed up the delivery of backend services. Take the performance of AliExpress and eBay that NodeJS powers.


We can develop applications for you that can run on both iOS and Android devices with NodeJS.

Scalability and Modern Architecture

Microservices are getting incredibly popular these days. This architecture involves integrating separate modules with small functionalities into a stand-alone application. Our team has worked on microservices projects to build complex and large enterprise applications. Microservices allow for fast scalability and iterative development of the software. This architecture helps us improve the app’s scalability and makes it simple to modify. NodeJS drives communication amongst the many APIs of microservices, making it a lot faster. NodeJS frameworks such as Express.js, Koa.js, and a Docker platform help us develop robust apps fast. With NodeJS, we can build you applications that can scale without compromising on performance or speed. NodeJS is extremely scalable. It backs heavy-duty apps like LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix, and more.

Faster Time to Market

Instead of having to code each thing anew, using ready-made modules dramatically cuts the development time. NodeJS has over 650,000 modules on NPM. Based on a survey of NodeJS developers, 70% of project managers and developers consider NodeJS a major factor in increasing developer productivity. This means a faster release of updates and products.

Superior Data Handling

From Windows Nonstop to UNIX to OS X servers, NodeJS offers a seamless data exchange, quicker solutions, and an effective backend.

Open Source Community

NodeJS is an open-source technology backed by an incredibly collaborative community of highly engaged and creative developers with diverse experiences.

What is NodeJS best suited for?
  • Real-time apps with live streaming services
  • Enterprise-level, complex apps
  • Collaboration tools for teamwork
  • Apps that rely heavily on scalability
  • Apps that anticipate heavy traffic and a constantly rising number of users
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NodeJS was built as an alternative to the client/server model. In a client/server model, the server would only react to the client request and would close the connection right after every response. NodeJS establishes a two-way connection and interactive communication between the server and the user’s browser, which allows achieving low latency and high throughput.

Now, why should your business care about this?

How do 50% increase in your application performance and simultaneous decrease in response time (PayPal saw a decrease of 35%) sound? Oh, and reasonable development costs? This should be a good enough reason to give NodeJS a real shot. This is how NodeJS grew in popularity so fast.

Perfect Fit if you’re Looking to Extend Your Team or Scale-Up

You’ll find scaling your team to be both quick and easy as your backend JavaScript developers can just work on the frontend with NodeJS.

Reliable and Credible Tool for Big Projects

Linux happens to be the largest open-source resource out there. The same folks that run the Linux Foundation run the OpenJS Foundation. So you’re guaranteed robust maintenance and management. Both NodeJS and Linux are known to be dependable and trustworthy. NodeJS is great for writing fast and lightweight pieces of application such as microservices. This allows for our team to build, maintain and deploy software at the same time. Continuous integration and continuous development are at the core of DevOps.

Real-Time Web Apps

Think streaming services, social networking apps, collaboration tools, instant messengers, interactive commercial websites, etc. These kinds of apps have one thing in common – they can transmit live audio, text, or video data in face-to-face or group interaction. You can develop real-time multi-user web applications with ease and good authority using NodeJS. NodeJs can process a high volume of short messages with minimal delay. NodeJS, with web sockets and event-driven structure, can easily maintain data streaming with writable and readable data streams on a high level and process real-time flows with heavy traffic. This way, your users don’t experience any delay in updating or in the data exchange. That’s why it’s so good for real-time streaming of media. Thanks to its asynchronous nature, NodeJS streams data from various apps and resources that presuppose multiple file uploads. NodeJS powering Netflix is a strong example of the same.

NodeJS is a Top Technology Pick for the Cloud

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform all have very high integration with NodeJS. Many cloud platforms recommend growing with the help of NodeJS technology.

API servers.

API servers are another good application of NodeJS as NodeJS allows for handling many concurrent connections simultaneously and easily converting JavaSript objects in JSON format.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s a smart choice to use NodeJS for building an ecosystem of connected devices. IoT devices tend to generate a large number of requests requiring quick processing. NodeJS can effectively handle these requests without any downtime. Moreover, NodeJS servers can also store large amounts of data produced by IoT devices. And to build digital devices for the IoT ecosystem, NodeJS can be integrated with single-board controllers since NodeJS doesn’t load device memory much.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

SPA or a single-page application consists of a single page on a browser with dynamically changing data on it. To display the data to the user, a SPA doesn’t need to load the entire new page, which is why SPAs load much faster than regular websites and can enhance user experience considerably when it comes to a low-speed internet connection. NodeJS is well-suited to building SPAs as it works great with asynchronous calls and can handle intensive I/O workloads. Also, SPAs are built with JavaScript, and it happens to be the primary programming language for the NodeJS framework.

Why CognitiveClouds?

Our team has extensively used NodeJS for backend development. As a leading NodeJS development company, our team has built fast, scalable & real-time applications.

Agile Methodologies

Our team works with an agile methodology, which is a project management approach where requirements and solutions can evolve throughout the process with a collaborative effort from your end and that of self-organizing cross-functional teams. We conduct frequent scrum events to optimize the practices and methods and deliver the finest results.


Think flexibility in terms of coding, working hours, and methodology.

Dedicated Teams

We have a team of expert NodeJS developers who are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions based on diverse and rich experience.

Coding Standards

Optimization of code is key, and we make this happen with the reusability of the code. We also use various testing tools to check the stability of code as well as products.

Stay ahead of your competitors by growing your business with our secure, scalable, and fast NodeJS development services for backend solutions and server-side apps.

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