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Founded by enterprise software veterans in 2012, we're a product development company, transforming founders’ and product owners’ visions into beautiful intuitive mobile and web software products that scale to support millions of users. We bring a fresh perspective to your problems through our agile design and development process that accelerates your time to market and ensures you launch the right product for the right people at the right time.

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Google Certified Agency

Google announced the Google Developer Agency program at Google I/O this year and we're proud to be among the first 13 agencies ever certified by Google for Android development.

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wish Cloud
Wishclouds raised $4M
Yatra increased mobile revenues 32X
Yelloday launched V 1.0
The Melt
The Melt launched mobile ordering
PCCW acquired VuClip
Daily Rounds
DailyRounds surpassed 200K installs
Magisto launched V 1.0
flixster slider image
Rotten Tomatoes acquired Flixster
Fancy launched V 1.0
Divorce Force
DivorceForce launched V 1.0
Cloud On
Dropbox acquired CloudOn
Prism launched V 1.0
Snap Bizz
Snapbizz raised $7.5M
Amplify launched V 1.0

We transform your napkin sketches into loveable products. Here’s how we do it.

Strategy Workshop

We recommend product features and business strategies that help you achieve your business goals. Our team spends 1-5 days deep diving into the core problems your product solves. When we finish, you receive a product strategy document and delivery plan.

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Rapid Prototyping

We peel back layers of “nice to have” features to expose your product’s core value proposition and we  quickly develop product features you can experience. Put your product in front your customers early to validate your hypotheses against customers who fit your target persona.

How we do it

Product Development

We utilize a design driven development process to define each product screen and feature. Our design and  development teams communicate with you often and quickly iterate on product features until you and your customers love the product we deliver.

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We partner with ambitious, game changing, and forward-looking companies to design and develop awesome products.
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"Within two months of application launches, mobile soared to more than 16 percent of overall revenues from [a] mere 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Our ratings on the App Store soared during the initial months."

Abhilekh Kumar, Head of Mobile at Yatra

"I’ve worked with development firms in the past where things have been buggy; this is not that experience. CognitiveClouds did a very good job staging the project before pushing it live, so it’s pretty seamless. We’ve had nothing but good experience."

Jake Siegal, VP Products, Fancy.com

"The staff's hard work, dedication, and insight, coupled with their passion for transparency in our many channels of ever-open communication made working with them an absolute pleasure as our dream for imDown was slowly realized up to, and then beyond our once humble expectation."

Tyler Rice, Founder, imDown

"Developing such a complex app remotely would have been impossible without the strong project management capabilities, technical skills, and commitment of the CognitiveClouds team."

Founder, Yoopine Inc.

"You guys have been killing it. I've been extremely satisfied with the progress that we're making and with the product that we're putting together. The rigor behind each detail and deliverable is certainly apparent."

Greg Miller, Founder, Wishclouds

"I've been super impressed. I didn't have much of an idea what to expect going into this, with working with an outside mobile design and development firm as the closest prior experience. So I gotta say, I'm kind of blown away at how quickly things are progressing."

Tom McCall, Mastermind Sports

"The team was driven, talented, and enormously self-sufficient. Product, design, and development truly ran as one well-oiled machine."

VP Products, MileIQ

"You guys are incredibly talented. Thanks for solving hard tech issues that I never imagined that we needed to solve."

Milind Gadekar, Founder, CloudOn

"The CognitiveClouds design process sparked amazing innovation. The technology and UX development was superb. Project and budget management was spot on. What else is there? I would use them again and again."

Ramesh, VP Products, VuClip

"Super high quality, incredibly easy to work with, and they really care about the product."

Rohit Deep, VP Engineering, Adchemy