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"You guys have been killing it. I've been extremely satisfied with the progress that we're making and with the product that we're putting together. The rigor behind each detail and deliverable is certainly apparent."

Greg Miller Founder, CEO, Wishclouds

Multi-platform fashion wish list product for a fashion tech startup

About WishClouds

WishClouds is a social ecommerce platform that merges celebrity curated wish lists from hundreds of leading brands with complex social networking features and integrations.


After raising seed funding, WishClouds’ founder needed a development partner to build web and mobile apps.


CognitiveClouds helped WishClouds design and develop an end-to-end wish list product that works across eCommerce retailers. At the heart of the WishClouds platform is web crawling and scraping infrastructure our team architected and developed. The crawling infrastructure we built screen-scrapes millions of product details from hundreds of popular eCommerce retailers, allowing WishClouds to populate their web and iPhone applications with product images, names, prices and other metadata. Consumers save products to their wish list and receive real-time notifications when products go on sale.


WishClouds’ web and mobile apps are utilized by millions of people worldwide and the company raised additional funding based on the work we did.

Wishclouds Wireframe
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