Open Source Governance

UX,Visual Design,Ruby,Rails,iOS,Android Development

"Developing such a complex app remotely would have been impossible without the strong project management capabilities, technical skills, and commitment of the CognitiveClouds team."


Mobile-first social networking apps for a political startup

About Yoopine

YooPine connects citizens to the political process by enabling voters to measure and track their elected representatives.


The democratic process isn’t as transparent as it once was because representatives are controlled by the special interests funding their campaigns.


YooPine selected CognitiveClouds because of our experience building mobile social networking products. The native iOS and Android apps we built for YooPine allow citizens to vote alongside their elected representatives on federal bills. Donation data links special interests to the voting record of each elected representative to increase transparency. Citizens can write an email to their representative in one tap when they don’t agree with their representative’s voting record.


We helped YooPine launch their iOS and Android apps in time for the 2016 presidential election, which exposed the app to a large audience of users.

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