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About Thrill

THRILL, aquired by Dating App, for all youngsters who felt the difficulty to date in India


We delivered the first version of iOS and Android apps.

More power to women: The app allowed more power to women. Men cac not automatically join Thrill's network. They have to be voted in by Thrill's community of women in order to join. Men can be ‘thrilling’ if they have a normal amount of Facebook friends and interests.

Gamification mechanics: As a user you are still restricted from freely viewing all profiles on the network. You can unlock four potential matches everyday by ‘shaking’ your phone. Also, the more interests you list on your profile the better, as it helps you unlock more matches. All this increases your points. You can also earn more points by sending app requests to your friends on social networks.

Profile enhancement: You can’t do much on Thrill if you are a new user. The only thing you can do is to enhance your profile. This means adding your interests. There are sections like Food, TV Shows, Celebrities, Fashion, Tech and so on where you get to rate activities as thrilling or not thrilling. You can keep doing this to juice up your profile and thus unlock matches based on common interests.

Chat and matching: Users who get matched can chat with each other within the app itself. Women have the option to block users who might harass them. After you unlock someone’s profile by shaking your phone, you can rate them as thrilling or not thrilling. Their profile also shows you the match rating which is calculated based on comparing both your interests. Hence, filling up your profile is important. After you have rated a person, you will have to wait for the said person to rate you. If the rating is positive, you will be matched and then take it further.

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