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Visual Design,iOS Development
video app developer imdown

"The staff's hard work, dedication, and insight, coupled with their passion for transparency in our many channels of ever-open communication made working with them an absolute pleasure as our dream for imDown was slowly realized up to, and then beyond our once humble expectation."

Tyler RiceFounder, imDown

Mobile-only applications to create video communities around the world

About imDown

imDown is focused on inspiring people to dream, to live their best story, and encourage people to share their story with the world.

imDown strives to provide every creative with a digital video platform of their own. The creator can create their own channels, upload exclusive content to these channels, charge subscription fees for the content on the app, one time app fees, or find other ways to monetize in-app. It's a fun and easy way for audiences to support the people they truly care for.


CognitiveClouds delivered the 1st version of visual design and iOS application.

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