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"CognitiveClouds does not come to an engagement with a private agenda. The team is highly ethical, committed to quality and not interested in shortcuts."

Lee M. WilliamsCTO, ET Water

Web Frontend and Backend engineering for a smart irrigation startup

About ET Water

ET Water is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup that builds smart irrigation controllers for residential and commercial use.


ET Water’s existing backend system was built with legacy technologies, which made it hard to maintain and extend.


CognitiveClouds was selected because of our Ruby on Rails (RoR) development, web front end using AngularJS and data modeling expertise. Our team engineered a new backend that reduced the number of form fields required to configure the product from 60 form fields to 5 fields. We improved the user experience by pulling in weather, soil, elevation and plant data from various data sources to calculate an optimal watering schedule.


By rebuilding their backend system with modern technologies like RoR, Hadoop, MongoDB, ET Water eliminated over $150,000 per year in licensing costs while producing a product with a significantly improved user experience.

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