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Mobile Risk Management(MRM) platform and applications

About Fixmo

Fixmo MRM is a mobile risk management solution that helps organizations manage and secure their mobile devices, monitor system integrity, protect and encrypt corporate data and maintain regulatory compliance.


Fixmo approached CognitiveClouds to build a consumer grade mobile risk management applications for iOS and Android to protect user's device, personal data, and privacy.


CognitiveClouds designed and built mobile solutions along with backend infrastrcuture, collective;y called Fixmo SafeWatch. We built the following features:

  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Unsecure Wifi network alerts
  • Backup/restore of personal contacts and photos
  • SMS/Call filtering
  • Locate, lock or wipe a lost or stolen device
  • Flag certain contacts in the phone's address book as "private", hiding the phone logs and SMS messages to and from them
  • Make a device "scream" through a simple web-based console
  • Trigger device camera to send back a photo of what it can see through a simple web-based console
  • "Anti-loss triggers" that can detect certain behaviors that may suggest the device is lost or stolen, and automatically lock the phone and send the user an alert so the user can react before something bad happens.


Fixmo's SafeWatch design and implemntation was widely successful. Eventually Fixmo was aquired by Good Technologies.

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"This has been a great collaboration from start to finish... not just professional but outright inspired work in the face of an untested and demanding concept. The SafeWatch project has a powerful, flexible, efficient, and stable application as the result, and we wouldn't hesitate to enthusiastically recommend CognitiveClouds to others in the future."
Shyam Sheth
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Fixmo
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