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Mobile-first location aware couponing service

About Yowza

Designed to save consumers money and generate retail business, this location-based mobile platform for the iPhone and iPod touch eliminates the hassle of clipping and printing coupons. The mobile application alerts consumers about offers and coupons from 1 to 50 miles away. Retailers use a web application to upload marketing assets and set deal criteria.


Coupons are collected through paper clippings primarily. There are applications to provide coupons to consumers but not in smart ways. Coupons are more useful when it is presented to users at the right time and location be it a restaurant, or a grocery stores. Yowza!! set out to take the hassle and guesswork out of saving money.


CognitiveClouds was selected by Yowza!! to design and develop the complete backend infrastructure in Ruby and mobile applications for iOS and Android. We developed the following features:

  • Local discovery: Display offers and busineeses relevent and near you driven by your location.
  • In store savings: All coupons are available to use in store at retailers.
  • Favourites: Quickly save businesses as favorites and access them from anywhere without changing your location.
  • Save coupons: Allow you to save coupons and use them later.
  • Coupon Sleeve: Receive location specific offers and special deals from your favorite merchants.
  • Subscribe for more: Subscribe to a merchant for updates on new offers, events, deals or sales. Get the latest information right on your phone.


Yowza!! apps have five star ratings and people are truley saving millions of dollars in the US.

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