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Visual Design,Ruby,Rails,iOS Development

Mobile second screen experience

About Mufin

Second screen experience framework for Mufin.


Mufin makes Automatic Content Recognition specializes in audio fingerprinting technology. Their product has been licensed by top studios. Mufin wanted to extend their solution to video and provide a framework for video second screen experience. Mufin hired CognitiveClouds becaause of their vast video and mobile experince to design and develop an SDK and an iPad starter application.


CognitiveClouds developed SDK allowed Mufin's customers to embed a great second screen experience instanclty using Mufin's audio finger printing technology. Muffin Viewers interact and engage with "specific moments" in a TV program while using this iPad application. The app provides exclusive companion content such as polls, trivia, behind-the-scenes videos, production details, character bios, and photo galleries. A virtual environment enables users to "check in" to a television program and share their experiences with Facebook friends.

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