Manage Enterprise Spend

Visual Design,iOS Development

iPad based application for corporate spend management

About SAP

SAP is a multi billion dollar corporation that makes high performence enterprise applicaions used across thousands of organizations around the world.


SAP wanted to reinvent itself as a design powerhouse to create what they call meta/composite applications. SAP applications are siloed and their expectation is that their next growth comes from creating composite applications that cuts across multitieds of their siloed apps. Hence they created Netweaver framework and Hana high performance platform for developers to create the next wave of enterprise applications. They approached number of apps developers to create several themes and concepts keep design as the key element in these applications.


CognitiveClouds created a highly polished iPad application for spend management for the corporates. The idea was to create something like experience yet use strong business processes and rules embedded in SAP's ERP systems. We along with SAP exposed a host of API services to be consumed by the iPad applicaiton.


These set of applicaitons were first in series that SAP embarked on "Consumerisation of IT" and was highly successful.

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