MY VWDrive enhances your car with smart capabilities that keep you safe and in control, even when you're away from the wheel.

Android & IOS development

They wanted to

Built an Android and iOS app for Volkswagen cars that allows for more convenience to the driver.

We helped them

Built MY VWDrive app that allows for a worry-free drive by providing information and assistance to the user.


MY VWDrive comes with many features that include fuel consumption and driving style tracking. The app empowers the driver with smart features that keep the driver in control and safe, providing insights on the car's performance and condition. It can also remotely locate a lost or stolen car for recovery, contact emergency assistance in event of an accident, understand the users driving to improve safety and fuel efficiency, track trips mileage for easy claims and budgeting and obtain instant assistance easily from Mondial Roadside Assistance in case of an emergency.

An account is created for the user when he or she buys a VW car on the application with an IOT device to track cars' various data from sensors and systems. The user can sign in to access his profile data, recent trips, his badges, car system status and more. Graph calculations for distance, driver score, fuel efficiency, duration, and fuel consumption were a challenge. Trips data such as last trip, last 7 day trips, last 30 day trips, fuel efficiency, duration and distance for dashboard had to be calculated. Data had to be fetched on a periodic basis (polling every 3 mins) in the background so that the data shown on the application was always up to date and offline use of the application with local storage was part of the project.

The technologies we relied on helped us a great deal in building these features. We used Kafka cluster for real-time distributed data processing, multi-node Cassandra cluster for handling the heavy writes, microservice architecture for reading the data from the Casandra and Pub/sub using Kafka to interact between the services, load balancer between the VMS for high availability and to process a large number of requests, hadoop and grafana for analytics, scala for data migration and elastic search for high availability of data.

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