Alt School

Reinventing School as a Startup/Education Reboot

Visual Design,Ruby,Rails,PostgreSQL,AngularJS Development

“Every dollar we spend on you guys will more than pay for itself in terms of the valuation we'll receive when we raise our next round of financing."

Max Ventilla Founder & CEO, AltSchool

The AltSchool Challenge

Create a smart and simple web presence for a new generation of schools

AltSchool’s CEO Max Ventilla had previously teamed up with Cognitive with positive results. So when it came time to hire a company to develop and design his latest project, he knew exactly where to turn.

Introducing the idea of AltSchool to new parents involved coming up with a web strategy that focused on smart design and engaging content. Success meant experimenting and iterating on an experience that compelled parents to sign up to learn more.

The Process

Designing with a goal in mind

AltSchool’s initial goal was to attract new parents. Given that most parents have a time frame for making schooling decisions, the founders wanted parents to sign up for an informational session on the first visit.

Multiple design iterations led the first phase of the project. Guided by data from early users, the team focused on leading parents through the web experience with the end goal of signing up for an informational session.

Imagery also played an integral part in the process. User tests confirmed that a single image could just as easily repel someone from the website as draw them in. Later iterations integrated a carefully curated full-bleed video that depicted a variety of different children and activities.

The Results

The birth of a new way of thinking

The website launched and soon exceeded expectations. Parents visited, read through the copy and signed up for upcoming informational sessions. The original goal of enrolling 100 students quickly escalated to more than 150. To this day, AltSchool often hears comments from parents who note that the website is light years ahead of content from similar schools.

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