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UX,Visual Design,Ruby,Rails,PostgreSQL,AngularJS Development

Web application that creates beautiful ensembls of creative media across the web

About Bondsdwell

Bondsdwell is a silicon valley startup whose goal is to build a responsive web application that allows users to create the equivalent of an online vision board. The application will be beautiful and simple and the Company will remove as many extraneous features as possible to create an experience that encourages people to reach their goals. The user experience will be image centric and a simple browser plugin will allow users to add images from any website. Each vision board will be associated with milestones and advice required to achieve a goal. Mentors will help keep users on track to achieving their goals and provide advice along the way. Privacy will be an obvious feature of the user interface. .


CognitiveClouds designed, develped and enhanced responsive web application and met the company's goals.

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