Adchemy SAAS Software to Help Marketers Optimize their Paid Ad Campaign

Ruby,Rails,Redis,MongoDB,AngularJS Development

SAAS, responsive web application and web crawler infrastructure

About Adchemy

Adchemy, acquired by @WalmartLabs, is an advertising technology company that helps advertisers leverage consumer intent to create more effective digital advertising experiences. Adchemy IntentMap technology radically simplifies advertisers’ paid search campaigns and makes them more scalable, relevant, and profitable. Listed by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 50 venture-backed companies in the U.S. in 2010, Adchemy is a rapidly growing Silicon Valley company backed by Accenture, August Capital, Mayfield Fund, and Microsoft.


Adchecmy came to Cognitive with few objectives:

  • To build a comprehensive, deep crawling infrastructure that allowed Adchemcy to crawl hundreds of retailer sites and extract product, pricing and other pertinent data relevant to product.


Cognitive designed and developed a multi-tenant responsive web application with the following feature set:

  • We built a deep crawling infrastructure that crawls retailer product data and indexes them. We added around 6 million products to the index. Each product was embellished to add more meta data to its ontology.
  • Developed an API to search for products using plain text, UPC, MPN, ASIN, or SKU and discover product availability in different stores.
  • Used these APIs on the web application to see how you are priced relative to competitors, identify out of stock products, and optimize offerings by fine-tuning pricing, promotions, assortment, and availability.


Cognitive delivered the deep crawling infrastructure to extract, augment millions of products data across the retailers in the US.

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