Snapp Bizz – India’s Retail Revolution

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Point of sales and inventory system for a POS startup

About SnapBizz

Backed by QualComm Ventures, SnapBizz is an inventory and POS product for small retail stores in India.


There are over 10M kirana stores (corner stores) in India, which are all unorganized and need better tools to manage inventory and sales.


This custom Android point of sales system includes a display, which recommends products and displays offers to customers during checkout. Because the system knows purchases and tracks inventory, storeowners improve profitability by reducing excess stock for items that sell less frequently. Storeowners can intelligently purchase items from wholesalers based on what actually sells and not on what they think sells.


SnapBizz sold the first version product we built for them to thousands of corner stores, and they raised $7.2M in additional funding to accelerate product development and revenue growth.

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