Food Delivery

UX,Visual Design,Parse,Ionic Hybrid Framework

Mobile first food ordering for India.

About Cookaroo

Cookaroo is the most convenient option for people to have simple, delicious and healthy food while they are at work every day.. ookaroo is revolutionizing the casual dining segment (specifically, Indian Meals) similar to what ethnic QSR chains like Faaso's, Goli Vada Pav and Box 8 did with the Indian fast food segment by bringing in elements like, focused menu, processed food, own recipes, standardized processes, quick turnaround, convenience and capital efficiency.


The existing food delivery options for daily mean requirements are inconvinient and inefficient. Cookaroo wants to provide a pragmatis solution in the intersection between quality food suppliers and food accessbility to consumers using technology.


Cognitive worked with the founders to define the best possible mobile apps on iOS and Android and help launch the products.


Cookaroo recently launched. Their daily orders went from 200 per day 2000 per day.

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