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Web based permit automation tool for a utility software startup

About Utilitworx - UPermits

UPermits helps city and county permit applicants like utilities and contractors manage the application process more efficiently and it helps public agencies respond to and track permits more effectively.


Utilitworx had a number of city and county agencies ready to use the UPermits system, but they needed a development partner to help build the first version UPermits product.


CognitiveClouds was selected because of our experience building SaaS platforms and PDF form completion tools. Our team designed and developed the UPermits role-based SaaS system from the ground up using Ruby on Rails (RoR) and other modern technologies. This multi-tenant system supports applicant, agency and super administrator user roles. The PDF completion tool we developed automatically completes permits in PDF format, utilizing data users enter into the UPermits database.


Utilitworx closed business deals with public utilities and government agencies upon our delivery of UPermits’ first version product.

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