The Operating System for Space

UX,Visual Design,Ruby,Rails,AngularJS,Front-End Development

"We are absolutely satisfied with their work. They were very flexible in the changes that we requested, turnaround times were good, and there were very few bugs."

Ronald Goedendorp VP Products, Nanoracks

Remnant inventory marketplace for a space logistics startup

About Nanoracks

Nanoracks helps governments, private companies and educational institutions launch stuff into space by selling remnant inventory aboard launch vehicles.


Securing remnant inventory aboard launch vehicles is a manual and unstructured process because organizations like NSA and SpaceX utilize internal systems and processes that are yet to be standardized.


Nanoracks selected CognitiveClouds to help them design and develop their space marketplace because of our experience building apps for the travel industry. Their role-based system lets organizations list and sell remnant inventory aboard launch vehicles. Search criteria for the marketplace include launch vehicle name, launch date, available inventory, country, orbit, budget and organization. This solution utilizes RoR, HTML5, Javascript and Jquery to deliver a robust marketplace experience.


Our team delivered Nanoracks’ first-version web application in time for important customer meetings at a conference.

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