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Should you build for iOS first?

When you build for iOS first, you access an affluent demographic that spends more on apps and in-app purchases when compared to Android users. While iOS isn’t as open as Android, there are thousands of mobile first success stories like Instagram, SnapChat and Uber that launched on iOS and then developed Android apps later. Unless you have a good reason to launch on both iOS and Android to start, you should generally launch with an iOS app, gather feedback from your customers and then design and develop your Android app. This sort of phased rollout will help you save on development costs because you won’t have to make the same changes in multiple apps that are written in different programming languages after users give you feedback.

Swift is the future of iOS app development and you should look for a firm that has mastered this new programming language. It takes much less time to develop an app with Swift when compared to building the same app with Objective-C. It’s proven that Android apps take longer to develop than iOS apps, so a firm that’s proficient with Swift will get your first version iOS app to market faster.

Have an iPhone or iPad app project?