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Do you need an omnichannel eCommerce strategy?

Today, every company is an eCommerce company. Consumers regularly buy large ticket items like cars and boats online, so you can sell any product or service online via web and mobile eCommerce apps. Whether you sell products direct to consumer or create a convenient way for people to book your services, your omnichannel eCommerce strategy increases cash flow, creates new revenue streams and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Established competitors and startups invest in custom eCommerce applications to provide innovative services and reduce the overhead required by physical retail stores. Large retailers are betting their businesses on the success of their eCommerce strategy and retailers born online are opening up popup shops and permanent brick and mortar locations because consumers take numerous paths to make a purchasing decision. Research often starts on mobile, but the final purchase is made on a laptop or desktop computer. There are also people who visit retail locations to look at an item in-person and then purchase the same item online where they find a better deal. To get a sale, you need to support all the possible touch points in your customer’s journey.