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Are you ready to leverage Big Data-as-a-Service?

There’s software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and data-as-a-service. Big Data-as-a-service (BDaaS) is a mix of it all, with the data involved, massively upscaled. The term might not be familiar to you yet, but it fittingly describes a fast-growing new market. Today, many businesses offer cloud-based Big Data services to help organizations solve their data dilemmas. At the moment, BDaaS is a somewhat nebulous term often used to describe a wide array of outsourcing of various Big Data functions to the cloud, ranging from the procurement of data to the supply of analytical tools necessary to glean necessary information out of the data to carrying out the actual analysis and providing reports.

There are several advantages to outsourcing your analytics activities involving large datasets. The popularity of Hadoop has to an extent democratized Big Data. Anyone today, if they invest time learning how, can use open source software and off-the-shelf hardware to analyze data. But most commercial Big Data initiatives still spent money upfront on components and infrastructure. This upfront cost is likely to be substantial when a large company launches a major initiative. Additionally, storing and managing vast quantities of information requires an ongoing investment of time and resources. When you leverage our services, we help you declutter and keep all the techy “nuts and bolts,” in theory, out of sight, leaving you free to concentrate on the roadmap.

The term 'Big Data as a Service' may be somewhat inelegant and unwieldy, but the concept is rock solid. Data analysis can and does bring positive change to any organization that takes it seriously, and this includes smaller companies that don't have the budget to nurture that expertise to do it themselves. With the increasing popularity of Software-as-a-Service, we have grown used to working in a virtualized environment through a web interface. The natural next step is integrating analytics into this process. This step has already made Big Data projects viable for many businesses that previously would have considered them out of reach. If you find yourselves incubating ideas around big data, but find it difficult to gain the traction and momentum necessary to leverage newer technologies in the data space, we can simplify big data for you by helping you focus on analytics, rather than on merely managing data.

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