Rapid prototyping.

We use modern tools and languages to rapidly prototype product features and we test prototypes with you and your customers to validate assumptions.

Your goal is to create a product people love. Because customers will never tell you exactly what they want, you need to quickly test ideas and features to ensure you’re making the right product decisions. Are you solving a real pain point? Will people pay for your product? What clicks with customers and what do they not understand? We use rapid prototyping to test your assumptions and answer these questions.

Why rapid prototyping works

Rapid prototyping helps you produce better products that provide more value

Find sticking points
We follow best practices and design every screen, but there are always interactions that need to be tweaked to make user onboarding and use of your core product features a seamless experience. We find and improve the little things that make people love your product.

Validate assumptions
We test prototypes with your customers to validate assumptions and figure out what works. Your customers may not love, need or care about prototypes we put in front of them, which are all important data points we use to refine your product definition.

Expose business value
When customers use your working prototype, they make comments and provide insights about problems that matter to them. Instead of spending 3 months building a product that solves a low value pain point, you can spend 3 weeks identifying a unicorn business opportunity.