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The term blockchain is usually associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, blockchain technology is way more than just cryptocurrencies and actually goes as far back as 1991

In definition, the Blockchain is an open-source technology providing us with an alternative to the traditional intermediary. In this case, blockchain replaces the intermediary with a distributed ledger that cannot be changed.

The distributed ledger can be collectively verified, and this offers a massive degree of speed, traceability, and security. Essentially, these features form the core of the blockchain concept. 

But of course, complexities lie in the implementation and tapping into the value from these implementations. This is where Cognitive Clouds steps in to offer custom blockchain development services. 

Our blockchain development services

According to Statista, businesses around the world will spend $19 billion on blockchain solutions by 2024. This is just the start.

For you as a business, you want to make sure that you are not left behind as competitors incorporate blockchain in their operations to offer robust services across diverse platforms. 

Our role is to hold your hand in this journey through dedicated services that entail building and maintaining superior applications that use blockchain technology. 

Whether you just want to explore where blockchain fits within your business or have already identified a problem that requires a blockchain solution, we know what to do.

Choose from any of these services, and more: 

Blockchain wallets

We build outstanding applications that manage cryptocurrencies. These can be standalone mobile or desktop apps, or integrations with a cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance. 

Want to launch a standalone wallet or integrate one to an existing product within your organization? Our team is ready to deliver a secure and user friendly wallet for your intended use. 

Smart contracts

A smart contract is an algorithm that secures the terms of a transaction. The contract is triggered only when all parties meet the contract's requirements, e.g., after payment is completed. 

We help businesses to create smart contracts for functions like investing, crowdfunding,  savings, insurance claims, etc.

Decentralized apps (dApps)

A decentralized app is a software that functions on multiple servers instead of relying on a single server. This means that no single person or organization can control a dApp. 

We build dApps for functions such as supply chain management and ownership verification, then deploy them for you on public blockchain networks. With these apps, you can drastically bring down the company’s operational costs. 


Blockchain marketplaces are exchanges that introduce transparency into all transactions. Both physical and digital goods can be traded in a blockchain marketplace, and each transaction is strictly protected through cryptography. 

We help businesses to develop secure, transparent marketplaces across ecosystems such as B2B and B2C. 


NFTs have emerged as a groundbreaking revolution in the world of ownership, art, and digital assets. Cognitive Clouds is at the forefront of this transformative technology. For our clients, it's a golden ticket to unlock the full potential of NFTs.

From exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital art pieces to tokenizing real-world assets, we empower organizations to navigate the NFT space seamlessly.

Don't just follow the trend – set the trend with us as your trusted NFT development partner.


Cognitive Clouds is a trusted partner in blockchain consulting, dedicated to demystifying the complexities of blockchain technology and helping businesses harness its full potential.

We provide strategic insights to drive the kind of tailor-made solutions any business needs to navigate the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Whether you're a startup seeking to integrate blockchain into your business model or an established enterprise looking to optimize your existing blockchain infrastructure, we are here to help you unlock new opportunities.

We guide organizations through the blockchain development process, from concept to implementation.  Our blockchain consulting service prioritizes high ROI. 

Our blockchain technology stack

The foundation of our blockchain technology stack entails the three layers of a typical blockchain application development process:

  • Protocol layer: This is the foundation of a blockchain stack. It contains algorithms about data security, encryption, and networking. 
  • Platform layer: This is the software framework that we use to build blockchain applications, e.g., Hyperledger Fabric, MultiChain, and Corda.
  • Application layer: This is the user interface that users interact with. 

However, the tech stack that our blockchain development team uses for specific projects usually depends on the specific project or use case. 

For example, if we are developing an exchange platform like Coinbase, we’ll require a different tech stack compared to when developing a wallet platform.

Industries we serve

Our custom blockchain development services are are unlocking opportunities across the following fast-paced industries: 

1. Travel & Hospitality

Success cases: Yatra, Goomo, The Meld, others

We develop solutions that streamline the Travel & Hospitality industry to achieve a more efficient and rewarding experience for customers. 

For example, we can develop a blockchain-based travel marketplace that uses tokens to offer services such as flight and hotel bookings. Such a service will use smart contracts to ensure that customers get full value for their money. 

2. Finance & FinTech

Success cases: PhonePe, RazorPay, other startups

Whether you're a traditional financial institution looking to streamline operations, or a FinTech startup seeking to innovate, we'll meet your needs.

From creating permissioned ledgers for secure transactions to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, we empower our clients to embrace the future of finance, all while adhering to the stringent regulatory requirements.

3. Automotive 

Success cases: Mahindra, VW

Supply chains, vehicle history, and connected services play pivotal roles in the fast-paced world of automotive. Our blockchain services are driving transformative change across these areas.

Are you an auto manufacturer aiming to enhance supply chain visibility, a dealership seeking to streamline inventory management, or a connected vehicle service provider aiming to ensure data security and integrity? Whatever your need, our tailored blockchain services for the automotive industry are designed with your challenges and opportunities in mind.

From vehicle provenance tracking to secure and decentralized data sharing, our blockchain developers are ready to turbocharge your operations.

For example, we can build a blockchain solution to streamline the auto supply chain by using the data generated by each vehicle’s supply chain, which involves thousands of parts from hundreds of suppliers. Such a solution can help auto companies with compliance and quality controls for all their suppliers. 

4. Retail & eCommerce 

Success cases: Walmart, Hollywood Feed, others

The  Retail & eCommerce industry is often defined by issues such as dynamic customer demands, supply chain complexities, fraud, and data security concerns.

Fortunately, blockchain technology can solve most of these challenges and unlock opportunities.

Some of the custom blockchain solutions that we develop for this industry include secure payment processing, streamlined supply chain logistics, and immutable product authenticity verification.

For example, we can create solutions that help customers to know where products are made. This helps buyers to choose ethically sourced products that have transparent supply chains.

Why choose Cognitive Clouds for your blockchain development project

The number one reason to choose Cognitive Clouds for your blockchain development project is our promise to create a truly transformative solution.

For the users of your blockchain-driven solution, our promise is that it gives them a new level of freedom and empowerment. It allows them to reach others without having intermediaries in the middle. No control, no censorship, no taking a fee or cut. Moreover, it allows each individual user to control their identity. Every consumer can remain anonymous, public or private. They can own their identity and not have it owned by tech giants.

For you, our blockchain development services can potentially extend your company’s digital transformation beyond its walls and into the systems you share with your customers, suppliers, and partners.

More reasons to choose Cognitive Clouds as your go-to blockchain app development company:

  • A towering  track record: We have a significant number of successful cases across diverse industries. All these cases demonstrate the impact of our services on real-world businesses. Check the portfolio
  • Diversity in services: We offer a wide range of services that cater to different business needs, including private blockchain solutions.
  • Reputation: We enjoy excellent reviews and ratings including in respected platforms like Clutch where Cognitive Clouds has been named as a top developer.

How we work

As a blockchain development company, our work on blockchain app development services starts by understanding where the client stands.

You might always want to tie it all back to your existing model, but you need to think outside of it when your business model will soon grow obsolete.

Else, you’ll be bogged down and will not be able to benefit much from the technology's potential. So we help you to overcome the greatest challenge here, which is to ensure you're not just slotting the blockchain in a place where it can merely save you some money. Instead, we help you look beyond the bottom line and get blockchain to affect the top line with new revenue, growth, and services.

Once we are sure you have seen it as more than a process improvement technology, we then get aggressive on the innovation path.

With this in mind, the typical blockchain development process at Cognitive Clouds follows these simple steps: 

  • A feasibility study to help customers understand business needs and expectations
  • A concept stage to visualize the blockchain solution and evaluate pros and cons
  • The blockchain development process, from coding to testing
  • Deployment and integration. 

Blockchain Development FAQ

How much does blockchain development cost? 

The average cost of developing a blockchain solution depends on the blockchain development services included, e.g., front-end design, marketplace data encryption, or sensitive data handling for compliance. 

How long does blockchain development take? 

The development of blockchain solutions can take about six months. The time largely depends on the project scope and complexity. Some projects may take longer if the project is large and requires building from scratch. 

How does blockchain development improve security? 

Blockchain technologies are secure because tampering is virtually impossible. All data is encrypted by default. The ownership verification features ensure that users have unique digital keys for access.

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