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Don’t be limited to smartphones and computers only. Wearables are beckoning!

The market size of the global wearable technology is projected to grow to over USD 490 Billion by 2032, up from USD 138 Billion in 2022. The exponential growth is propelled by advancements in this technology, increasing consumer awareness, and massive integration of wearables in industries such as healthcare, fitness, and entertainment. 

For corporate decision-makers like yourself, these staggering figures serve as a compelling signal to take notice and make sure you are not being left behind. Where do you start? 

Wearable app development is a good place to start, actually the best. Of course that’s if you are ambitious about reaching customers through wearable devices. From the numbers we continue to see, it would be a business mistake not to target the growing wearables user base. Take for instance that by 2022, the number of wearable devices were estimated at 1.1 Billion. According to the US National Institute of Health, about one in three Americans uses a wearable device. Clearly, failing to target these numbers would be a regrettable decision for any company.

But wearable technology is not just for reaching customers alone. There is much more that companies can do with wearables for greater organizational success. 

Be it for internal use or expanding your company’s reach,you need a wearable app development company that will not only develop but also give you the guidance you need to make the most of wearables. Cognitive Clouds is that company. 

Entrust us with your wearable app development project and let’s help you take advantage of this exciting frontier. 

What is a wearable app?

A wearable app is a software application designed specifically to be used on wearable devices, such as smartwatches or fitness trackers. These apps are tailored to the smaller screens and unique functionalities of wearables.

Wearable products gather information about the person or animal wearing the device and provide feedback via a companion mobile app, built-in display, or voice interface. Successful wearable products solve real-world pain points.

For example, a fitness wearable app may track and display real-time data on a user's heart rate. This then provides immediate access to health-related metrics without the need for a separate device or interface. 

Why companies need wearable apps

The key benefit of wearable apps is that they enhance user experience by delivering relevant information on the go, at the users’ convenience. Therein lies the opportunity for businesses. It’s a new chance to extend your reach beyond traditional devices. 

If you are a retail company, for instance, you can develop a custom wearable app that delivers personalized promotions or alerts about discounts to customers’ smartwatches.

Our wearable app development services 

From custom wearable app development to smartwatch app development and more, we are the home of wearable app development.

We develop wearable apps that are good to go to work on any wearable device that’s in the market today. 

Our top services include; 

1. Custom Wearable App Development

Achieve more with custom wearable apps, delivered by proficient wearable app developers. We develop outstanding custom wearable apps for dynamic industries including sports, gaming and health. 

Imagine, for example, a fitness app that not only tracks steps but transforms daily activities into a gamified adventure. How about a sports app that immerses fans in the game like never before.

2. Smart Watch App Development

Users are not wearing smartwatches for checking time only, just as they don’t use a smart phone just for making calls only. So the same way the smartphone has become a tool of commerce is the same way companies are turning smart watches into tools of commerce and operational functions. 

A smart watch app is the link you need to tap into this goldmine. 

3. Android Wearable App Development

Much like Android smartphones transformed into dynamic hubs of commerce and communication, Android-powered wearables are emerging as pivotal tools for businesses.

An Android Wearable App is your gateway to harnessing the potential of this diverse ecosystem. Whether it's optimizing health and fitness tracking on Android fitness bands or delivering real-time updates on Android smart glasses, our work is to ensure your app seamlessly integrates with these wearables.

4. Apple Watch App Development Services

More than just a timepiece, the iconic Apple Watch is a powerhouse of possibilities, and our services are crafted to unlock its full potential for your business. 

We say unlock because we know that apps built for watchOS and Android Wear offer users limited features because there is so little screen real estate. Often, the default features are as simple as yes/no, ignore/respond, start/stop and so on. You can only give users a snapshot with a smartwatch app, which is why you often need a fully featured mobile app that works in conjunction with the smartwatch app.

Imagine an Apple Watch app that seamlessly integrates with your brand, delivering personalized notifications directly to users' wrists or providing real-time health insights.

When you choose our Apple Watch App Development Services, you're not just investing in an app; you're investing in a dynamic channel that connects with users in ways previously unimaginable. 

When offering these services, plus many more, our philosophy on standards remains firm: Intuitive UI/UX design and superior support. 

Wearable app categories

We know that it’s easy to associate wearable devices exclusively with smartwatches. In reality, wearables encompass a far broader range of devices than just smartwatches.

The exciting part is that our wearable devices app development services span the entire spectrum of wearable technologies: 

  • Fitness tracking apps such as for Heart Rate Monitors
  • Smartwatch apps for example Apple Watch
  • Health tracking apps for example Blood Pressure Monitors
  • AR glass apps, for example Smart Glasses like Google glass
  • VR headset apps
  • Wearable camera apps, for example Body Cameras

What can your company achieve with wearable apps?

Wearable apps open a gateway for your company to reimagine possibilities. From enhancing employee productivity to revolutionizing customer experiences, the potential is limitless. 

1. Wearable apps can improve efficiency 

Drive notifications, updates, and critical data directly to employees’ wearable devices. No need to constantly check smartphones or computers. 

In healthcare, for example, wearable apps can send patient alerts to medical staff. This triggers prompt action without being tethered to a stationary workstation. So many lives can be saved. A lot of time, too!

In a corporate setting, a project manager wearing a smartwatch could receive instant updates on project milestones. No need for constant manual check-ins or email exchanges.

2. Wearable apps can enhance workplace safety

Around the world, millions of employees still work in not so safe environments. Wearable apps can prevent danger in such areas. They can, for example, monitor safety wearables like smart helmets equipped with sensors. In case of danger, the app can instantly alert the worker and the safety team.

Fatigue monitoring is another area where wearable apps deliver a huge advantage for workplace safety. Your company can implement smart wearables that track employees' fatigue levels. The tracking can be based on factors like heart rate variability and motion patterns. If an employee shows signs of excessive fatigue, the wearable application can send alerts suggesting breaks or shift adjustments. 

3. Wearable apps can turbocharge customer service

How about providing your frontline employees with quick access to relevant information. For example, in the retail sector, sales associates equipped with wearable apps on smartwatches can instantly check inventory levels and product details. This immediate access to information allows staff to respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Wearable applications also streamline communication and task management. Empower employees to receive notifications for customer requests directly on their wearable devices. This ensures timely responses and minimizes delays. 

For instance, in the hospitality industry, staff can wear smartwatches with dedicated customer service apps. They then use these apps to coordinate room service requests, check-ins, and other guest needs. This level of connectivity enables a higher standard of service, which creates a positive impact on customer satisfaction. 

Get Started

Are you integrating an existing software product with a popular wearable device like Apple Watch or are you building wearable hardware, firmware and software from the ground up? While both strategies can make sense, we recommend making a good business case for pursuing the latter approach. 

Don’t let doubts prevent your company from harnessing the power of new opportunities in the wearable apps market. Take advantage of our free consultation and let’s explore possibilities for your wearable projects. 


1. What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is a field of electronic devices designed to be worn on the body. These devices often incorporate sensors, connectivity, and computing capabilities. Examples include smartwatches, fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses, and health monitoring devices.

2. How does wearable technology work?

A wearable device gathers data through built-in sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors. The sensors capture information about movement, biometrics, and environmental factors. The collected data is then processed by an onboard computer or transmitted to a connected device, like a smartphone or a cloud-based platform, for further analysis that informs decisions. 

3. What is the cost of developing a wearable app?

The development cost for a basic wearable app with standard features can range from $30,000 to $60,000. A more advanced wearable app, such as one involving intricate user interfaces can go beyond $100,000, potentially reaching up to $200,000 or more. These figures are approximate and can still vary based on specific considerations.

4. Must my company build its own wearable hardware in order to benefit from wearable apps? 

No. You don’t have to build your own hardware. You can simply build new business models on top of data generated by wearable products built by other companies like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit. 

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