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Should you build an augmented or virtual reality application?

The way your industry interacts with customers, partners and employees will change as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets gain widespread adoption. Utilize VR and AR to create innovative eCommerce experiences, which let your customers try on clothes virtually or preview new furniture within their homes. Train new hires faster and improve workplace safety when you build AR and VR applications to improve the work quality and output of employees across your organization. Think about AR apps that help construction works stay safe on the job site or medical AR apps that help surgeons save more lives. There are endless ways your businesses can leverage VR and AR experiences to increase revenue and decrease costs.

The team you hire to build your virtual reality or augmented reality application needs experience designing and developing 3D interfaces and 2D overlays. The best practices for web and mobile app design are based on decades of user testing and design research. Because AR and VR are both nascent ecosystems, the best practices are yet to be established, so it takes time to create AR and VR apps with great user experiences. Simple 2D overlays help users navigate through menus, tools and applications while 3D objects and overlays create immersive experiences with limitless possibilities. Continuously test your AR and VR applications with end users to develop simple product experiences that improve everything from productivity to profitability.

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