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Should you develop your product’s backend with Node?

Built on Google’s V8 engine, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that supports tens of thousands of concurrent connections on a single thread by using a non-blocking event-driven I/O. With Node, your developers use Javascript for front-end and backend development, which eliminates development bottlenecks because any developer on your team can complete any task in a sprint. When Node is used with a NoSQL database like MongoDB, data stored in JSON format can simply be exposed as a REST API for your web and mobile clients to consume.

Node.js shines when you build real-time applications with chat features like Whatsapp or collaboration features like Google Docs. Single page applications, AJAX-intensive web apps and streaming applications all gain speed and performance improvements when Node is used for the backend. Node isn’t a good choice for CPU intensive operations like data sorting and video processing, so you should look at other technologies better suited for CPU intensive features. Consider using Node and another language or framework for CPU intensive jobs when your product has a mix of CPU intensive and real-time features.

Have a Node.js project?