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Should you invest in responsive web design?

Since responsive web design allows people to access your content or web application from any device with any screen size, responsive design is a future-proof investment. When you implement a responsive design framework like Bootstrap, your product’s user interface (UI) changes as the size of your user’s browser window changes. This enables you to use the same design language and HTML/CSS to optimize your product’s UI for small smartphone, medium tablet and large external monitor screens, which reduces maintenance costs and provides a consistent experience across platforms.

Pinch-to-zoom and mDot sites with limited content and features are no-longer an option. Your customers and Google expect you to provide a consistent experience across devices, platforms and screen sizes. In fact, Google penalizes sites that provide more features on devices with larger screens. By implementing a responsive web design framework that gives users access to all your product’s features and content on every device, you avoid Google’s SEO penalty. With a few exceptions, most new web applications can be made responsive with 10-30% additional effort and cost. If you’d like to make your existing web application responsive, you’re likely going to need to completely redesign your UI to better accommodate a responsive web framework.

Have a responsive web project?