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Angular vs. React vs. Vue: What's the best option for eCommerce Product Development?

Mansha Kapoor
September 7, 2022

In today’s date, a mindful, well-thought-out eCommerce product development strategy is essential for companies to launch their online retail business successfully and sustain it through the tough competition. 

Companies invest large amounts of money, along with other resources, in developing eCommerce applications and websites to make them user-friendly, efficient, and bug-free. 

A successful eCommerce product strategy consists of 7 stages- Ideation, Understanding Product Demand, Developing Prototypes, Testing, Production, Product Launch, and Customer Feedback. While the stages mentioned above are critical,  choosing the right Tech Stack and programming platform for eCommerce product development might be the most vital step during production and development. 

React, Angular and Vue.js are one of the most popular frameworks for eCommerce product development. They are famous for developing heavy JavaScript projects, small-scale mobile applications, and intuitive user interfaces for websites and applications. 

Each of these serves different purposes and fulfills various requirements in the time of development. We are here to help you choose the best programming platform for your eCommerce product development. 

Angular vs. React vs. Vue: Your best bet for eCommerce Product Development

1. Angular

Google created Angular in 2016 to provide developers with a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Forbes rely on Angular for their websites and applications. 

Angular is based on the initial version, known as Angular JS, which was released in 2010. It is known for its two-way data binding, automatic synchronization of client data and database, efficient development process, and its monolithic framework that allows the development of applications using various components within one platform. Besides providing excellent results for Single Page Application development, these features make Angular one of the best choices for eCommerce application development. 

Additionally, Angular is an open-source development platform that does not require additional libraries for mobile or web application development. It is best suited for complex and heavy applications. 

Pros of using Angular for Ecommerce application development

  • Angular is an open-source framework. 
  • It is best suited for complex applications and Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Provides two-way data binding, and reusable components
  • A monolithic framework that allows the use of different components under one platform. 
  • Offers an ideal testing environment for developers. 
  • Extensive framework with comprehensive libraries. 

Cons of using Angular for eCommerce product development

  • Angular has a steep learning curve and requires extensive knowledge of TypeScript and Model-view-controller methodology.


2. React

Another popular open-source, JavaScript-based front-end framework for eCommerce product development is React. It was created by Jordan Walke - a software engineer at Facebook (now known as Meta). This popular framework has been used for the front-end development of significant websites and applications such as Netflix, PayPal, and BBC. 

React is best suited for designing creative and interactive user interfaces, developing reusable components, search engine optimization, creating code packages for applications, and developing highly scalable projects. Its declarative views such as DOM (Document Object Models) and React Hooks have played significant roles in bagging the top framework position for React. While DOM makes the code more readable and easier to understand, React Hooks allows developers to use various framework features without defining a class first. 

Additionally, using JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX) for writing React components makes it easier for developers to make the syntax identical to HTML and access the components. 

Lastly, React promises seamless integration and migration, making it more popular with the developer community, especially for eCommerce applications. 

Advantages of using React for eCommerce product development

  • An open-source platform for efficient website and application development
  • It is easy to learn because of its JSX-based syntax, which makes the code very similar to HTML. 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Codes compiled in React execute faster due to the implementation of DOM. 
  • Allows reusing of components
  • Migration and Integration friendly 
  • Best suited for building user interfaces
  • A large developer community that offers around-the-clock support.
  • The framework is frequently updated to provide users with the latest tools, libraries, and developing environment. 

Disadvantages of choosing React for application development

  • It is challenging to keep the React framework up-to-date since it is tedious to find detailed documentation, including React's latest additions and updates. 

3. Vue 

Vue was created by former Google employee Evan You in 2014 to develop user interfaces and Single Page Applications (SPAs). Like Angular and React, Vue is also an open-source JavaScript framework. Along with being flexible and lightweight, Vue also offers its users Angular’s two-way data binding and React virtual DOM. However, what distinguishes Vue from its competitors is its “Reactivity,” which basically refers to automatically updating a JavaScript object in all templates after it is updated in Vue. 

Vue is famous for its simplicity and straightforward user interface, which caters to beginners and inexperienced developers. Besides, Vue offers interactive virtual tours and comprehensive documentation for users that help new developers improve their Vue skills and enhance their knowledge of the framework. 

Vue is recommended for lightweight projects, UI for web applications, and single-page applications. Companies planning to create light code eCommerce applications prefer Vue since the framework is comparatively light, more adaptable, and offers better speed and flexibility. 

Companies like Alibaba, Grammarly, and Adobe trust Vue for their web and application development. 

Benefits of using Vue for eCommerce applications

  • Flexible and lightweight framework
  • Vue offers developers the option of developing large reusable templates to accommodate multiple codes. 
  • Easy to learn for beginners. Vue provides documentation and learning resources. 
  • Known as the fastest and most efficient JavaScript framework available
  • Offers two-way data binding and virtual DOM to its users along with Reactivity. 
  • Best for developing SPAs and lightweight programs. 
  • Open source, free development environment. 

Disadvantages of choosing Vue

  • Vue is not backed by a tech giant such as Facebook or Google; it is maintained by a community of volunteer developers and contributors supported by Patreon. Due to this, Vue often cannot provide significant updates or bug fixes to the framework. 

Final Verdict 

While choosing the right development platform and framework requires thorough research and a fair idea of what kind of application you wish to develop- here are a few specifications you can keep in mind while making your final decision. 

If you are looking for a user-friendly, easy-to-learn platform to create interactive user interfaces, Vue and React are your best choices. However, if you are looking at declarative views like DOM, JSX, or two-way data binding for efficient programming- we suggest you go for Angular or React. Lastly, if you are looking for scalability and fast results, Vue is the best bet for your project. 

Ultimately, all three frameworks provide various features and specifications that make them the best in their niches. 

However, you might need to do more research before choosing your framework, and we are here for you! At CognitiveClouds, we provide extensive consultation on eCommerce product development and other SaaS development projects. Touch base with our team of engineers today to plan your next project!

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