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How SaaS solutions can power Digital Therapeutics

Nisha Gopinath Menon
April 15, 2022

The global healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds with the emergence of digitalization and innovative SaaS solutions. Smart medical devices powered by IoT (Internet of Things), electronic health records, and cloud-based applications and software easing the administrative processes as well as catering to other needs of the healthcare providers have changed the face of the industry in the last few years.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is the latest innovation in the healthcare SaaS industry, providing a new outlook to various treatments and therapies virtually. The invention has popularly grown and proven beneficial by numerous clinical trials, has gotten FDA approvals, and has seen an approximate increase of 79% in investments in 2020.

What is Digital Therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics are the latest innovation of SaaS in the healthcare industry to help patients cope with medical ailments and illnesses through virtually provided prescriptions, related tips, exercise plans, etc., with the aid of an application or an online platform. It is also used alongside Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to handle PHI (Protected Health Information).

DTx has proven to deliver impactful results quickly, creating a differentiator for itself from the wellness apps and software in the market.

Digital Therapeutics is a new form of digitalized healthcare that “delivers medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders.” as said so by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

The benefits of Digital Therapeutics are as follows:

  • Personalized and accessible healthcare for patients, especially in remote areas.
  • Focus on the effectiveness of treatments, and reduce the need for patients' clinic visits.
  • Healthcare professionals can provide health care solutions and monitor patients in real-time.
  • Reduced costs of healthcare consultations and a better patient experience.
  • Drug distributors can keep track of the regional and national demand and supply of various medicines for effective supply chain management.

SaaS innovations for Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics is advancing as an effective solution for managing, preventing, and treating diseases through bringing about a change in patient behavior and remote health monitoring. The applications focus on one ailment at a time and help patients adhere to their prescribed routines, diets, and medical regimens.

Following are instances where SaaS has powered digital therapeutics and helped provide patients with enhanced healthcare online.

1. DTx for diabetes management

Digital therapy is being used to help patients with diabetes by delivering treatments, interventions, and consultations to a large audience via an online platform or an application. The health program leverages technology by connecting the people to the software to track their daily activity, weight, and nutrition to balance their glucose levels. DTx also provides training, personalized health coaching, and 24x7 medical support from certified professionals and specialists.

2. Digital therapeutics for cardiac monitoring

Digital therapeutics can also be used to monitor the heart, chances of cardiac arrest, and the patient's medication. Personalized care and therapies are being augmented for patients suffering from cardiac problems. In most digital therapeutics platforms, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are optimized to detect early signs of heart failure by comparing physiological symptoms using a wearable sensor filled with data of patients suffering from chronic heart problems.

This solution is developed to aid doctors in predicting patients' future ailments and prescribing medications accordingly.

3. DTx for diagnosing anxiety and depression

A software-enabled health platform focused on improving patients' mental health was developed as a prescribed aid by medical professionals alongside conventional treatments for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

The platform helps the patients deal with MDD and GDD by learning new skills and making them habits. It also allots them new activities to add to their daily routine, specially sequenced for desirable outcomes and encouragement. This is important in order to change the habitual negative thinking pattern they have fallen into.
The application is powered by AI and provides the patients with a virtual mental health coach that guides them on the path of healing.

4. Digital Therapy using Virtual Reality

Psychosis is a condition where a person loses his connection with reality, i.e., sees, hears, or believes things that aren’t real. Simple social situations like visiting the doctor's office or buying groceries invoke stress, anxiety, and a feeling of insecurity.

To help patients suffering from this condition and improve their lives, SaaS companies have developed a digital therapy solution involving Virtual Reality. The application simulates a variety of social situations to help patients learn behavioral patterns, prepare for simple social scenarios beforehand, and feel safe.


Digital therapeutics have proven to be highly effective and beneficial for patients struggling with lifestyle problems, chronic illnesses, and behavioral changes. The concept of digital therapy is slowly and steadily changing how people take care of their health and has rapidly become a preferred option for many healthcare institutions and patients.

We have developed many applications in digital therapeutics using a wide array of technologies and understand what is required by the healthcare industry and the users. Our team is experienced in digital therapy platform building and overcoming all challenges.

Our applications offer an exquisite user experience and irresistible design aesthetics with a promised accelerated delivery time. Getting your customized SaaS solution to help change the world is easy. Simply reach out to us.

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