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How to Dominate Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2019

Prasanna Gopinath
July 8, 2019

Can you imagine a mobile app that could solve all your problems with one click? While this might sound a little too far-fetched, the fact that you can imagine means that it’s probably already underway. That’s just how quickly mobile app development advances.

In 2019 mobile app development has definitely come a long way. With all the opportunities that business and enterprise have now, it seems like it’s the year of mobile apps.

Enterprise mobile apps, as a part of app development, seem to be growing rapidly as well. According to Statista their revenue will continue to grow, as more organizations choose to make cloud subscriptions, which improve mobility, security and risk management.

We often see new trends being integrated into the enterprise mobile apps so that entrepreneurs can take their businesses to the next level while addressing and changing requirements quickly and effectively.

Now we are going to take a closer look at some of the ways to dominate enterprise mobile app development in 2019.

Cross-platform frameworks

Enterprise apps may be a necessity for the modern business, but some entrepreneurs still tend to avoid them due to budgetary constraints or other limitations. Apps for both platforms Android and iOS can turn out very pricy for most companies.

There comes the solution - cross-platform frameworks. They enable businesses to create one app that can run just as good as on other devices. These frameworks can be leveraged to create omnichannel apps for enterprises. This model is gaining lots of popularity in 2019.

User Experience

Positive user experience is a key factor for a successful app. This makes no exception for enterprise apps as well. In this case, UX is not limited to external customers. Companies consider internal customers or employees. They’ve started to believe that rich user experience can provide a higher adoption rate for enterprise mobile apps.

Wearable technology

Long gone are the days when wearables were only recognized as a fashion statement or fitness equipment. Today, companies from all around the world have started to allow their employees to access their data through wearable device apps.

In 2019, enterprise app development services focus more on wearable devices. They have a constant need for updating their research of employees’ usage pattern for wearables, in order to provide apps with appropriate functionality and features.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

VR and AR technologies are not used only in gaming anymore. Now, they are a part of multiple aspects of mobile app development. In 2019 AR and VR enterprise apps are getting more and more popular among companies from different niches.

Virtual and Augmented reality apps have been gaining popularity in the past few years. In fact, the AR market size, in particular, is getting massive. Statista shows that it will increase from $3,5 billion to more than $198 billion by 2025.

If that’s not one of the best ways to dominate enterprise mobile app development, what is?

On-demand apps

If millennials these days want something, they have to get it. This makes the popularity of on-demand apps common enough. Consumers tend to find something that matches needs and usable on the move.

Employees expect the same from their enterprise apps. On-demand apps are one of the most important trends in the business landscape nowadays, as they, for sure, can provide employees with instant benefits. In 2019, enterprise app developers are expected to build a lot more of on-demand apps for workplace.


The Internet of Things has already settled comfortably in our homes. Furthermore, it’s practically found everywhere. It also has a great impact on the enterprise sector as well. The smart home and workplace environment and the smart transport with sensors and connected devices are perfect examples of IoT technology.

IoT-based apps easily connect with sensors and fetch data to facilitate enterprise to save costs and time. They also improve workplace security. IoT is expected to be widely used in the corporate sector. Enterprise mobile apps will be integrating IoT-related features as well.

Talking about IoT, go and have a look at the top Internet of Things trends of 2019.


Blockchain technology is extremely useful when it comes to offering fast and safe online transactions. Enterprise mobile apps have started to use this handy feature to improve the security of online payments and contracts.

Blockchain will definitely evolve to enhance app authentication and safety features of enterprise mobile apps.

Wrapping It Up

As mobile apps constantly improve, employees also have higher expectations about the work apps they access. With the features listed above your enterprise app can surely provide the best user experience and efficiency. Integrating any of these features can increase the enterprise app development costs, yet will definitely give a competitive edge to the enterprise.

Considering all mentioned above, to dominate enterprise mobile app development in 2019 and beyond you need a futuristic app that is rich on features.

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