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Order Management Software: Benefits for eCommerce and Main Features

Nisha Gopinath Menon
March 23, 2022

The time and accuracy needed to complete the activities of an order cycle is the heart of customer service. It is common for customers to expect minimal delivery time and systematic execution of orders. It is essential for activities associated with customer services, such as order preparation, transmittal, inventory, collection, and shipping, to be thoroughly managed through an efficient management system to increase sales and reputation.

E-Commerce order management mainly involves coordinating the entire fulfillment process and tracks all information and processes, including after-sales service.  An eCommerce Order Management System (OMS) is a digital platform for online businesses, eCommerce websites, warehouses to ensure efficient order fulfillment, track their sales and keep their order processes transparent with customers.

In other words, OMS allows companies to provide real-time visibility into product inventories and customers to monitor the status of their orders. OMS is an integral part of operations, and in today’s fast-paced business world, online businesses must grow their reach and provide quality service. We have provided creative solutions for various multinationals and understand the benefits of incorporating an eCommerce order management system.

Main features of E-commerce Order Management Software

The order management software commonly supports four features in the order processing cycle and many additional areas that an OMS value adds to.

  • Customer Database: Businesses can store customer information, contacts, and activities regarding sales and feedback in the OMS’s customer database.
  • Sales history: Product information, availability, and popularity are consistently updated as per the online sales, and the statistics are visible for both employees and customers.  
  • Inventory Management: One of the essential features of the order management software is stock management. This feature keeps track of stock availability, assigns orders to various warehouses, and identifies the best shipping options for users. The feature aids in providing a transparent and open eCommerce experience to the customer's pre and after-sales.
  • Managing Accounts: The order management system is programmed to automatically transfer data into your company’s accounting system to avoid tedious reentering or separate re-transferring.

Besides these standard features provided by almost every order management software, Extensions Manager, Ship to Store Process, Payments, Order Adjustments, and BackOrder Management are also necessary for good eCommerce management.

Benefits of E-commerce Order Management System

Accurate, well-executed, and fast order management is the key to a successful eCommerce business. To keep the sales up and maintain a business’s reputation in the market, companies need to be efficient and ensure quality.

Implementing an eCommerce order management system into the business offers several advantages to the company's growth and profitability and enhances customer service.

1. Centralized platform for all processes

One of the most prominent eCommerce order management system features is centralizing all processes within a single platform or integrated APIs. The integration of the eCommerce platform helps in reducing data entry, breaks down complicated processes, automates workflows, and mitigates the risk of manual errors while handling orders.

CognitiveClouds has immense experience working on eCommerce applications and building efficient APIs and platforms for consumer and business-friendly processes. We have worked with notable eCommerce enterprises such as Walmart and The Collective to create personalized solutions to enhance their eCommerce experience. Click here to know more about our eCommerce development solutions.

2. Automated monitoring of operations

Incorporating order management software helps streamline the company's operations. It enables different departments to access required information and allows consumers to track their shipments, view order summaries, and raise complaints. It also allows the employees to view and monitor the inventory, partnering businesses, courier relationships, and warehouses with the help of automation.

An exciting addition to the features of order management software is that it can also help eCommerce oversee and plan promotional offers and discounts with analytical data, customer experience, and past sales.

3. Process Transparency

Ensuring visibility is critical for enhancing customer service and building a reputation for your eCommerce business. Another benefit of using order management software for your company is the real-time visibility and tracking of all processes in and outside order execution. OMS includes administration, payment handling, data management, shipment tracking, order fulfillment, delivery, and warehouse management.

4. Employee efficiency

The OMS automates many administrative data entry processes that require manual intervention. Implementing OMS in systems has improved data handling and analysis, and this has boosted employee efficiency and has allowed them to complete tasks faster with a high rate of accuracy.

Additionally, an OMS does not require much programming or additional code for updates or modifications after integrating with the client’s system. It is mostly easy to configure, thus reducing the time to load the software increasing overall employee productivity.

5. Detailed analysis

OMS dashboards play an integral role in the company’s decision-making. The application highlights the sales and marketing patterns, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and customer response to product listings. The software helps businesses make informed data-driven decisions and deliver better service to customers due to automation and fewer errors in data management.

Since the application integrates all e-commerce channels, i.e., omnichannel, it has helped eCommerce companies maintain their warehouse inventory by keeping their sales channels up-to-date.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Apart from real-time visibility and transparency of order status, using omnichannel order management software is beneficial in providing a personalized customer experience and collecting customer data from various channels (including brick-and-mortar shops).

Ecommerce Order management software provides customers with a quality eCommerce shopping experience and helps businesses better understand their likes, dislikes, and purchasing preferences.


In a time when eCommerce is the heart of the consumer-driven market, and businesses thrive on customer feedback and reputation, it is essential to implement order management systems and do away with manual processing of data.

At Cognitive Clouds, we have crafted state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions for multinationals to help them boost their sales and customer service. We focus on eCommerce application development and help businesses automate their processes. Reach out to us to help us help you create personalized eCommerce solutions for your business.

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