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10 Reasons Mobile-friendly Sites Increase Top Line Revenue

Nisha Gopinath Menon
October 11, 2017

You're reading this now, but it's not the first time you've known the value of a mobile-friendly site and the revenue that can be generated. Mobile is hot and it's here to stay. Therefore, it's time for your business to start thinking about going mobile friendly.

But why…?

Why Mobile Friendly Sites Increase Top Line Revenue

Yes, it's true. Responsive websites are easier to navigate when browsing on your mobile phone, but do you know why businesses should have …no, NEED mobile optimization for their sites?

Okay, here they are… Ten key reasons why it's time for your website to become mobile friendly for top-line revenue.

1. Who isn't using mobile?

Sure, there was a time when not everyone had the option of carrying a smartphone, but clearly, those days are over. Smartphones are not the exceptions any longer, and 1.2 billion people are now willing to admit they spend considerable time browsing the web from their phones.

Did you know that 80 percent of internet users are using smartphones? Meaning, if these individuals are online, they are likely using their phones to access the internet.

These numbers will only continue to grow as more and more generations of smartphone users become loyal to their phones.

2. More than half of all web traffic is mobile.

If you are like millions of other website owners, you are highly concerned about increasing the traffic to your site. Thanks to statistics from 2014, researchers found that mobile media consumption was 21 percent higher than on other devices, which means 51 percent of ALL digital media consumption is done via mobile.

Traffic generates revenue. You get more of both with a mobile responsive website.

3. What's so different about mobile?

While it's true that these are the same users behind both desktops and mobile phones, people react differently when browsing the internet with these devices. And even though they deal with limited bandwidth, their mobile devices consume a tremendous amount of visual media, especially short videos and images.

This can be blamed on social media sites such as Vine and Instagram, sites that have been highly successful from almost exclusive video and image content.

This traffic could be yours… seriously. You merely need an optimized design on your website to lure and engage users to significantly increase, if not double, your traffic.

But that still doesn't explain how you will make more money, does it?

4. Okay, let's talk sales.

It's a fact that mobile users spend money online, more so than those who shop from their desktop computers. Also, while smartphone users place a lot of online orders, their transactions are small and frequent, usually ten dollars or less.

It is the tablet users who make up the largest transaction values …of any device, even desktops and smartphones.

Don't bother rolling out the welcome mat for them though, at least not until your website offers a competitive mobile UX.

5. Some mobile users switch devices.

According to recent technological researches, it is estimated that at least 90 percent of mobile users switch devices to complete a sale or subscription. What does that mean to you?

This means, even if users begin looking at your site via a desktop computer, they will eventually take your site mobile. At some point, they will become bored or curious and come to your site via their smartphones to browse.

So, that means 90 percent would, if your site were mobile friendly, switch devices to buy something from you. If your site isn't responsive, someone else is enjoying those sales.

6. Your mobile landing pages need new strategies.

Your landing pages are going to need a new strategy when you choose a responsive theme, but the end result is so worth it = revenue. These pages often referred to as the conversion workhorses, will get the job done if properly optimized. That job is online revenue.

When it comes to landing pages, what works on a desktop does not always work on mobile devices. In fact, minimal principles remain constant for most responsive sites because mobile devices have screens with different capabilities than desktop screens.

For more information on designing mobile-friendly landing pages, consider the information found on GetResponse.

7. Being mobile-friendly lets you be friends with Google.

For a while now, Google has preferred mobile-friendly websites over the others, and this can be noted in SERP rankings.Yes, Google favors mobile responsiveness and this will infatuation is only going to continue growing.

If you're interested in improving (instead of losing) your website's organic traffic, it's time to optimize for mobile devices. New reasons to be mobile friendly and play nice with Google continue to develop, thanks to the latest algorithm update which promises penalties if your site is not mobile friendly.

Yes, Google can be your site's friend or enemy. By next year… it could be worse though. This penalty is only making small waves thus far, instead of the full-blown SEO tsunami initially expected.

8. Get social media click-throughs with mobile.

Research has shown that 91 percent of mobile internet access is used to access social media and related activities. As social media continues to grow and evolve, with more and more sites popping up, now is the time to take advantage of those business referrals.

If your business utilizes the benefits of social media (it is to be hoped!) in a small way or large, you have an above average opportunity for your mobile-friendly site to gain some incoming traffic.

Sadly, the bottom line is this: if your site is unresponsive, you may be wasting your advertising money and content marketing efforts. Take advantage of social mobile users and enjoy those click-throughs.

9. Great mobile sites differentiate your brand.

Are you starting to feel like the kid that flunked fifth grade? Well, it's not that bad but it's certainly time to up your game plan.

According to statistics, approximately 58 percent of websites are not yet responsive so you're not losing the race yet. What you are losing is traffic and sales… but that can be fixed.

Take advantage of the opportunity to become a mobile-friendly frontrunner while leaving almost half of your competition in the dust.

10. Mobile advertising is grossly overlooked.

Mobile friendly platforms offer an opportunity for brand differentiation and advertising returns. Get a responsive design and enjoy mobile ad spending as users spend hours upon hours browsing their smartphones every day – statistics say 24 percent.

This underutilized method of advertising is highly cost-efficient.

Bottom Line: Mobile Friendly means More Revenue

You need a responsive web design to properly redesign your website for mobile users. Next, get those workhorses called landing pages optimized for mobile devices. These steps will allow you to take advantage of more top-line revenue, thanks to better engagement, more traffic, and increased sales.

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