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Top Offshore Software Development Firms 2019

Nisha Gopinath Menon
May 22, 2019

By leveraging the value and capabilities of companies, the internet has diminished the boundaries of the workplace. Despite this advantage, however, limitations in conceptualization,  operations, and management will always come up, and so, businesses will always find a need for the expertise of software outsourcing companies.

CognitiveClouds is an Offshore Software development firm offering various types of services. Before settling on a company to outsource your project to, wisdom dictates us to the particular company's previous works, highlights, number of years in the industry, and testimonials from past clients and partners. DesignRush makes this process easier by shortlisting companies based on all these factors. And so we are extremely glad to have made it to their list of Top Offshore Software Development Firms in 2019.

CognitiveClouds is an outsourcing company based out of San Francisco, with offices in Singapore and Bangalore. We have been serving the industry for close to a decade now and have worked with Fortune 500 software development companies, start-ups, enterprises, and digital agencies in simplifying project outsourcing experience as well as reducing time-to-market and costs.

We are an expert in custom application development, custom application re-engineering, and third-party software customization tailored to meet the client's needs. These projects may be built from existing platforms redesigned to fit the clients' needs or from scratch.

We have an experienced product development team that guides clients through our large range of software product development services. These services may include custom product development, AI-based software products, SAAS (software as a service) product development, digital product solutions, AR/VR based products, and connected products.

We offer clients access to easy administration of company operations and contracts, a talent pool, talent management, excellent infrastructure, delivery management, and consulting services. We are eager to see what issues we can help tackle together this year.

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Nisha Gopinath Menon